EU BMW 2002 tii @ CTMP - Thu 06 Feb 2020

Denis Betty

The older I get, the better I was.
Jun 18, 2013
Well done and thanks to all who raced. Commiserations to those of you that weren't able to make it. :(
Tyre wear was a big issue for me in R1 - in the end I pitted for fresh rubber on the rears, but left it too late in the race. Fumbling around in the pit menu, whilst still trying to navigate the track, was.... interesting and lost me some more time.

Before R2, @PurgerUK suggested smooth inputs to save the tyres. Well I already knew that he was correct, but I tried extra hard not to slide the rear end. I even allowed the front guys to get away and just kept my powder dry. Then, mid race, I made a small mistake and got pressure from behind, so time to light the burners. :D Unfortunately, I'd left it too late to catch my buddy @Stig Bidstrup , but it was a very close run thing in the end.

Oodles of fun and a great atmosphere. You really get the feeling that everybody has come along to have fun and not just to win at any cost. Truly what club racing is and should be about IMO. Well done guys and thanks again for racing. :thumbsup:

Next week's event is the Porsche 917K at Le mans 1967 (in Spain :unsure:).
I'll get the server up ASAP. Remember, early sign ups lead to bigger grids and even more fun guys. :D