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To hone my skills and test the Lotus Evora GTC/GX properly I had a few quick races with both cars and three AI cars. The AI is at 98% but somehow they miss almost every corner and I lapped one of them in an 8 eight round race at Imola. How is this possible?! Normally 91% is good enough for me, but now the AI is all over the place. Does anyone recognise this?
Haven't used them that much as they're still superagressive at the start and entering first corner but didn't encounter that kind of behaviour. (100%)
As it is now: at certain areas around them they know very well you're there but when you find yourself in other places it's like you aren't even there and they spin you round like it's nothing while I can hardly make their tail happy when pushing them
I'm gonna use it for mp mainly so it's not that big of a deal for me but career mode will hold no value for me (mainly) because of this.
On the other hand, it's not version 1.0 so let's see in what areas and how much the game will continue to improve...
I suspect they toned them down even at 100% they seem to drive slower now.

My conspiracy theory is they nerfed the ai so more people would be testing MP.

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@ vliet, yes, it is considered to be an issue on the support forum, it will be fixed, it is due to some changes that have been made to support MP.
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By the way, is there any difference between the Evora GTC and the GX (apart from the visual differences)? In laptimes they seem the same.
AI seems to have become more crazy than they were. Driving a single player race at NurburgGP with 12 random cars for practice. I was driving bmwZ4 but there were two AI 599xxx drivers who were totally nuts. they went off on most corners, rammed me when ever possible and no matter how bad they drove seemed to catch up at will:) Maybe it is practice for those who prefer public servers! Made it impossible to race though.
Tried it this morning, seem to be back to the excellent AI we had, maybe even better, What are you guys thinking?
Maybe it was an aberration but I will see if I can duplicate it and get a video. All the other cars in the race were just fine and fun to race against but these two black 599's were definitely a bit crazy!:)