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Beginner looking for help...

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Gav Elias, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Gav Elias

    Gav Elias

    Hi people!
    I have always enjoyed played racing games, but leaned more towards the arcades games. I am now looking to move into PC-based aim races. I have invested in a Logitech G25 setup and my PC is high spec enough to play any game. I have a few games in my Steam account such as F1 2013, Dirt 3, Grid and just bought Race WTCC cos it was next to nothing, RaceRoom cos it was free, Simraceway cos it was free and Assetto Corsa as I had credit in my Steam account. I am one day hoping to get into iRacing as I like the idea of a virtual career, but will wait before subscribing.
    In the games I have previously played, and my fanatical interest in watching, reading about and loving them, I am mostly into F1 and Touring Cars.
    I have spent the past couple of days playing F1 2013, Simraceway and Assetto Corsa non stop. With assists on, I am not too bad and have a fairly good idea of racing lines, learn tracks pretty quickly etc. However, as soon as I turn the assists off i begin to spin, lose traction and struggle to hook up one good lap.
    Should I carry on with the assist, turning them off in time to keep me interested and keep me going or should I turn everything off and just put the hours in now to learn, at the risk of losing interest and getting demotivated?
    Any tips on being a beginner in sim racing?
  2. sniper420


    I just gradually adjusted the assists by turning them down or off step by step, over a period of time
    It's a big learning curve to jump in with no assists but if you do have the patience and time then I've been told it's worth it.
    Personally I use an xbox controller for pc with traction control on medium and abs on as I don't have too much time for gaming these days.
    I still have a blast with F12013 using these assists and various mods. Basically in my book, if you're having fun then you're doing it right :)
  3. Marc


    If you`re really going to sub iRacing some day and are already playing AC, i would advice you to disable everthing in F1 2013. Not a big deal in that game mate, just take it easy on throttle in 1st and 2nd gear...
  4. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Agree with the above post.. settle down for a long session at a track you are very familiar with, turn everything off and go for it. Don't push too hard too early, just drive the track nice and easy to get a feel for what the car is doing with the assists off and gradually increase your pace and learn where the limits are. No assits is the way to go.. you'll never turn back once you get going.

    Do you drive in the cockpit? If not then I would take that step up too. You get a better feel for what the car is doing from inside the car rather than siting on top of it.