BBC - New rules lead to rocketing costs for F1 teams

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    Formula One is the 'Frazier' of motorsport.
    It is steeped in contradiction...the outcome of which you can see coming from a 'mile' away.
    It's almost comical but also...can be a bit disconcerting at times.
    You do have to wonder if those of us who are removed from the inner financial working of the sport can see it, how come the guys who have access cannot.
    Let's take an example....the engine switch from V10 to current... and I am in the minority who actually like the V6 turbo.
    "Who in their right mind couldn't see the massive cost associated with research, designing, building and then testing a completely new engine from the ground up?"
    As to the hybrid development..."Who amongst us could not foresee the cost of getting the software to 'talk' to the mechanical bits in the right time-frame to get maximum power delivery?"
    F1 could have done themselves and all the teams a favor...even in this V6 era, by simply giving them an ICE engine sans the hybrid...then putting enough fuel in the cars for the guys to properly race them.
    The overall cost savings would have been hundreds of millions of dollars.
    It would also mean less downtime for what is now very difficult access during repairs and it would still be very exciting for teams and spectators alike.
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