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  1. baron12


    i cant get this game running right (the other game from assetto corsa that make me problems)
    i bought it today and here are my g27 settings:
    overall effects: 100
    spring 0
    damper 100
    centering: 12

    rotation: 280

    when i go straight i am getting sudden bounces from left and right all the time, and i need to battle the wheel to go straight

    are the settings wrong or should i try to reinstall logitech profiler as it seems some of the settings are messed up?
  2. Aaron Markham

    Aaron Markham

    I have a Logitech G25. I don't use any force feedback but here are settings:

    Wheel Rotation: 900 degrees

    IN GAME:
    Steering Lock: 40
    Speed Sensitive Steering: 0
    Min Steering Speed: 0
    Max Steering Speed: 0
    Analog Sector 1: 10
    Analog Sector 2: 10
    Analog Sector 3: 10
    Return Multiplier: 10
    Steering Sensitivity: 75%
    Throttle Sensitivity: 50%
    Brake Sensitivity: 50%
    Clutch Sensitivity: 50%
    Steering Dead Zone: 0
    Throttle Dead Zone: 0
    Brake Dead Zone: 0
    Clutch Dead Zone: 0
  3. baron12


    thanks for your response, i tried your settings and many others and I just don't seem to like it.

    It's not just DTM problem for me, so sorry if I am turning this topic into comparation to 3 different games but I am mostly playing GSC 2013, Assetto Corsa & DTM experience from today.

    GSC 2013 works perfect for me, while Assetto Corsa & DTM experience are both acting weird, and in my experience they don't show many "simulating" characteristics, it is totally not enjoyable. I would like to figure it out why is it so? Is it just me who finds normal things not normal, or is something wrong with my wheel in general or are some settings wrong?

    So let's start from beginning, the first difference between GSC and AC or DTM which I notice is when the car is not even turned on or is not driving, if I try to move the wheel left or right the GSC feel will be very real to me, like in a real car, it will be hard to move it and it will stay where u stop moving it. in AC and DTM this never works fine, it will be too easy to move the wheel left and right, sometimes in DTM it will even "jump" a bit back not fully.

    The 2nd thing is when I drive GSC it feels perfect, when you are turning left or right the car will try to pressure it on center, but you have total control over it and no unnecessary bounces. in AC and DTM bounces will come from left and right all the time even on straights, you will need to keep it hard or it will put itself into some kind of oscillation left and right like crazy, I can get rid off that oscillation and bounces by turning feedback off or to a very small %, which is totally different to suggested ffbs around different forums, but obviously I will lose all the FFB effect and the game becomes boring. So I don't know is that supposed to be normal in those 2 games? Is that how racing car works? Am I missing something in GSC, or should those 2 games exactly like my GSC is acting? Is it possible my g27 wheel has some failure which somehow doesnt bother GSC ? I also used to play GTR 2 where I had similar to assetto corsa effect, but stopped playing it some time ago coz it was no fun for that reason, and then there is F1 2013 which doesn't have anything similar and also seem fun to drive.

    and I forgot to mention Assetto corsa problem which I already explained in AC forum, not only oscillation happens but while braking or turning left with high FFB it will clunk and rattle unbearably, only solution is to put FFB filter to 99% and losing all other effects either.
  4. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    Are you saying you are finding it hard to keep the car in a straight line?

    In Assetto Corsa you need to set your wheel to 900 degrees then do wheel set up wizard. Did you do this?

    DTM I found that Wheel SEN 540 with wheel lock at 24 works great
    Also these graphical setting made the game run much smoother
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]