[Bathurs Legend mod] How can I have the best force feed back ?

hi there guys,
I would like to know how can I setup the driving wheel force feedback to have the best feeling with these cars

I try with Real Feel default setting and also with only the in game original FFB but without satisfaction, it's often light without particular change during racing in other words I can't feel the chassis through the driving wheel

with V8 or TCL the feeling is great so probably there is something wrong in relevant control.ini or config file

any suggestion ?
real feel params value ?

thanks a lot :wink:

You can use Ivo's settings in the 'Feels Real' thread in here or you can follow this quote from Niels_at_home (rFactor physics guru)

When the mod has believable suspension geometry and tires, including a reasonable pneumatic trail value, you can go pure realfeel as some mods do by running low -100% FF in game, of course 50% axis sensitivity and no deadzone and no speed sensitivity. Mods that work might also have a car 'upgrade' available which sets the FFBmult to zero in the physics file, making sure no canned / fake ISI effects get through and all you feel is realfeel.

*if* this all is the case, i.e. perhaps for a handfull of mods, you can get the purest FF by running as little smoothing as you can get away with in the RealFeel.ini. Zero again works fine for G25s but I've heard other wheels might have issues. Damping can probably always be 11500 (turned off that means), leaving only *ONE* number to configure for realfeel provided the mod is realfeel worthy. This takes litterally 2 minutes to set per car; less if you've done it more often!

That is the ''max force'' value and its direction. Direction is obvious, add a minus sign if the FF wants to steer the car instead of working against the steering.

- enable the RealFeelconsole in the ini: (ConsoleEnabled=True)
- run rFactor in a small window (perhaps 800x600) so you can SEE the console
- get the SkidPad ( http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=Skidpad )
-look at the 6th number from the left, that is the occuring steering force (it should change a lot when you drive around but be steady when you're in a steady corner)

For low / no downforce cars:
- go out on track, following the circles on the skidpad
- drive with constant throttle and constant steering, trying to do this at the highest possible speed around the circle; i.e. any faster and you'd understeer wide
- look at the 6th number from the left, it should be a steady ish value, say 4500
- Use THIS value in the ini: MaxForceAtSteeringRack=4500 if you want the strongest FF
- Use a higher value if you want weaker FF
- using a lower number will 'numb' down the FF regardless of what you think and feel!

For high downforce cars:
- at higher speed, there is more downforce, thus more force feedback
- do the same circle driving but at the widest possible circle at the highest possible speed
- look at the 6th value from the left and use that in your ini
- this might make the feedback weak at low speeds but its either that or you'll be numbing down the FF at high speed!

- Mods with decent suspension and pneumatic trail do not benifit from combining with LeoFF, unless all you want to do is steer the car at 1km/h.
- FFB is nothing magic, you might've been mislead by the canned ISI effects that you can feel when the coffee is done or how many flies have build up on the windscreen.. You can't!
- If you want those things, ditch realfeel and go tweak the controller.ini, you might want to add the line: FFBCoffeeReadySensor=1

- kerbstones, when not 3D or not properly set in the bumps file won't be felt in Realfeel as they're ''not there'' despite triggering a rumble sound
- track quality varies, some you might feel bumps and camber changes a little, others might be more sterile; often the more sterile ones are probably the better ones
- generally on low weight cars the effect of 3D kerbs and cracks in the road might be more pronounced.

Long post for what is actually just two minutes work providing you're realistic about what FF can do and you run a mod that is sensibly made.. I hope it helps; and FF is just FF, its not a magic tool leading to faster laptimes! :)
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