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Background reference image scale



Background reference image scale (solved)

Is there a pixel to meter ratio built into BTB?

After spending a very long time making a track and then exporting it I found it to be 2x bigger on the x an z axis than it needed to be.

Looking back at my track i realized I never set the track width properly causing my reference image to be off.

So I was wondering if there is a Pixel to Meter ratio when you import the image into BTB to make more accurate scaling possible?

I might make a php parser script to take all the numbers in my xml file and reduce them by 50 % to save some time. Just have to write it to scale everything but the Y axis . . .


I now realized how stupid I was. My huge reference image has a scale on the image itself set to 50m so I just set my grid to 50m in BTB and adjusted the image slowly till the scales matched the grid.

Good thing I did too because I can now see the track is way off.

I did write the php script to shrink just the nodes by a changeable ratio and this worked very well . . . Just have to move the nodes slightly to get them in the right positions for the right scale now, so it still saved a lot of work.