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Back to Simracing after a 5 years absence. Help with mods?


My wife became very sick and I stopped simracing about 5 years ago. Now I just installed my old games back and I am trying to reconfigure my wheel, button box, pedals, etc.

One thing that is absolutely clear to me now is that I forgot a lot of things (including how to drive) and that many of my Sims will need some mods to make them more immersive, user friendly and fun.

I have been reading the forums and I am more confused than I was before. Irrespective of cost, what are the most popular mods for AC in December 2020?
I am talking about UI, on screen mods for measuring performance and actual cars and tracks mods.
For starters I want to stay away from mods that are "experimental" or poorly made, and get my games, including AC, to a good, drivable baseline.

Any suggestions on "must have" mods to make the AC experience better?

PS: While I have a new computer, I still have my old video card. I'll rectify that problem soon, but for now I have to make do. Here are my specs in case that makes a difference:

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
Processor : AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-core - 24-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor
MOBO: ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi) ATX
Cooling: Corsair iCUE H100i RGB PRO XT
PSU: Corsair RM 750x
RAM: 64GB - Corsair 2x32GB 3200MHz Vengeance LPX
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (4095 MB)
HD1: Seagate FIRECUDA 510 1TB - 3450MB/s | 3450 MO/s
Simracing Gear:
Obutto Rig
Thrustmaster T500RS
G25 Pedal custom mount and brake pedal
Button Box
T500 RS H shifter
Sequential shifter
Clubsport Handbrake
Content Manager with Custom Shader Patch (included) and SOL are the go to things today... Another must have is Crew Chief and Sidekick.

Most tracks and cars you`ll find also direct here. Also recommended some paymods:



As above, CM+CSP+Sol. Completely transforms the game.

As for cars and tracks, it's difficult to name a few since there's so many great mods available nowadays. I'll try anyways. Track: Fat-Alfie, LilSki, Mitja Bonca, Donington Park (modern and old), LA Canyons, Nürburgring 1967. Cars: if you are into open-wheel and/or GT racecars then check out Race Sim Studio paymods. On RD check Pessio mods. If you are into road-going cars, check Singer Porsche, aphidgod Subaru, The Need for Speed. IER has two great prototypes and one great GT racer on RD. That's just a few from the top of my head, there are more top quality mods for AC than anyone has time to drive with more being released constantly so you won't run out of content anytime soon.
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Thank you guys, this is very helpful. I run AC last night for the first time in years and I was dismayed at the lack of info I had. I used to run two older Android phones with dashboards on them, who knows if they still work, they are charging now.
Mostly, I wanted to know about the UI and the shader I heard about in a video. The AC interface is as bad as I remembered.
Of course, I completely forgot about that part of the UI where you can control the driving settings, so I was pretty smug initially when I was keeping my car on rails. Until I discovered I was driving with full assists on. After I turned them off, it wasn't pretty.

As far as car and tracks mods, I am going to take my time and make sure I reconfigure my button box properly and use the in-game content to begin with. I like racing GT cars and 80/90 Formula cars ( I heard of a vintage Indy mod that is quite good, that would be right up my alley). I also love racing vintage cars, the more sideways the better, but that will be a while. Right now I am still trying to remember how to make the rear view mirror display.
It's really frustrating.
So many things that were second nature or installed for so long I forgot about them, I now have to figure out all over again.
AND I am at least 5 seconds a lap slower than I used to be. AC is very nice in reminding me of that.
Deep breath.

Thank you again.