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Black Wagtail

Aug 8, 2014
Black Wagtail submitted a new resource:

Autumn Ring cameras - cameras.ini cameras_1.ini cameras_2.ini cameras_3.ini .csv 5files cameras_start.ini

made it like Gran Turismo 6

・cameras.ini  TV 1 (Fixed Start Finish FOV (Do not be confused as much as possible))
・cameras_1.ini TV 2 (Lap 1 cam from a start)
・cameras_2.ini TV 3 (Lap 2 cam from a start)
・cameras_3.ini TV 4 (Lap 3 cam from a start)
・dw0.csv       (for cameras_1.ini)
・mv0.csv       (for cameras_2.ini)
・mv1.csv       (for cameras_2.ini)
・mv2.csv       (for cameras_2.ini)
・mv3.csv       (for cameras_3.ini)
・cameras_start.ini  (GT6 +other)

It does not become all same as GT6...
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