Automobilista 2 V1.1.2.3 Now Live


Automobilista 2 has been updated to V1.1.2.3 - this is the second complementary update to last Sunday´s release, adding some further fixes & improvements.

  • Added support new Logitech SDK, TrueForce technology & G923 controller
  • LiveTrack now applies even standard water saturation accross whole track at start of session if first weather slot is rainy (previously racing line would be slightly drier)
  • Fixed bug where LiveTrack wasn't correctly identifying covered areas such as Azure tunnel.
  • Tire tread physics adjustments for F-Reiza, F-V10, F-Ultimate, F-Classic, F-Retro, F-Vintage, Procar, Group A, Group C, Superkart
  • F-Classic (all cars): Adjusted rear wing efficiency
  • Minor pneumatic trail adjustments for F-Retro, F-Vintage, F-Classics, Lancer Cup
  • Reduced braking distance threshold for AI on formula cars
  • Ai callibration pass for F-Reiza, F-Vintage, F-Trainer, Group C
  • Reduced distance AI cars factor cars behind to take a defensive line
  • Adjusted AI Grip multi for Nurburgring Veedol layout
  • Added new Stock Car Omega engine sounds.
  • Adjusted Mercedes CLK GT1 shift sounds & external engine sounds.
  • Nurburgring: Art & optimization pass for all layouts
  • Brands Hatch: Added VR trackside cams
  • MINI Cooper 1965: Reworked rear number plate; added additional skin
  • Lotus 23: Replicated default official liveries to help fill up the grid (4 in total)
  • F-Ultimate: Added Dirt/Scratch map
  • Ginetta G40 GT5: Added new livery (#28 Mike Channell)


The James May of Simracing
It's a 296.1 mb download, these guys just never seem to stop working to improve the game.
It was 657.5 for me :O_o:


It's even crazier in Beta. Between v1.1.2.1 a week ago and v1.1.2.3 today there were seven or eight small incremental beta updates.
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I noticed racing older cars on the historic tracks is an absolute blast. Those 70s and 80s f1 cars are true driving experiences trying to win a race in one.
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