[AutoGP WC] Rd. 13 Spa Press Conference.

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    Muhammed Patel

    “Thanks to FSR’ sponsors, AutoGP.org, Allrace.net, PartyPokerRacing.com, GTOmegaRacing.com – we can present the AutoGP Formula Sim-Racing World Championship Press Conference…”

    “Precision Motorsports Bono Huis won the Belgium Grand Prix, finishing second for GhostSpeed Racing Team was Dennis Hirrle. Rounding out the podium was SB Motorsprts Mikko Puumalainen.”

    Q: “Bono, how was your race?”
    Bono Huis: “It was a nice race, when I passed Dennis in lap 4 I could make a nice gap. I went for a 2 stop strategy, Dennis did one less stop just like Hungary. Actually it was a very similair race to Hungary. I had to pass Dennis on track to win this race and I managed that. He stayed out quite long so I could make a comfortable gap with the fresher tyres, then I reacted to his pitstop. I pitted a lap later and rejoined on P1, and then it was just bringing the car home.”

    Q: “Once again Dennis was on a different strategy to you, and this time you were not able to close the gap in as fast as Hungary, did you think he was a serious threat for the victory?”
    BH: “In the first stint I was some tenths a lap faster than him so I wasn’t too worried. After passing him in lap 22 we both had to make 1 more stop so he wasn’t a big problem.”

    Q: “With no Bruno Marques taking part you definitely took the opportunity with both hands, 74 point lead with 5 races to go. Surely this is now your championship to loose.”
    BH: “It is a really big gap, but everything can happen so we just have to wait and see.”

    Q: “Rumours in the paddock are suggesting that your participation for the Monza race is uncertain, would you like to comment on this?"
    BH: “Yes, I will be on vacation and I will come back on the day of the race so I don’t have a lot of time to test for Monza. I don’t expect a very good result there, but let’s wait and see.”

    Q: “Dennis, how was your race?”
    Dennis Hirrle: “Starting from second after a good qualifying session was very good, and I was able to pass Bono in the first lap and then lead the race. Not for long though, Bono was a tad too quick. Not as much as in Hungary I feel, but still. No point in fighting for the win yet so I tried to secure another second place, I let Prevot pass me to save some fuel and engine behind him which turned out to be unnecessary in the end. My one stop strategy worked out nicely and despite my performance slightly dropping in the second stint, I finished second without any major issues. Good result again.”

    Q: “Your now knocking on the door for your first win of 2010. Can you do it?”

    DH: “Of course Hähnel and Tali started from the pit lane in this race and showed a great race speed, and Marques and Greco didn’t even take part, so it will be more difficult in normal circumstances. Monza isn’t exactly a great track for me and I think it also suits Precision’s car better than ours, but we’ll see. I’m happy with the development so far and a victory is not so far away, but it’s very close at the top and a result depends on so many factors, starting with the qualifying session.”

    Q: “Are you planning to continue in the racing seat for 2011?”
    DH: “It is a possibility, but I don’t know yet. I think I will wait and see if there’s a good offer from a team."

    Q: “Monza – another track with long straights and low wings. Your car was working well with low wings, so you could get a third podium of the season there!”
    DH: “I think I’ve never won in Monza before, it’s not exactly a track made for me. But that doesn’t count. We should be up there somewhere and as I said before, a good result depends on many factors. We’ll wait and see.”

    Q: “Mikko, how was your race?”
    Mikko Puumalainen: "Bitter sweet. After the season I've had, a podium should feel great, but I feel I had a really bad performance today. During testing I had good pace with an aggressive 1 stop strategy, but during the race I switched to a "safe" 2 stopper which almost dropped me to 5th. This was the first time I made a strategy change during the race and it was probably the last as well."

    Q: "Maybe you need to reconsider your words from last week. Another podium for you, 16 point gap now to fourth.”
    MP: "Hehe, maybe. Looking at the remaining races however, the only tracks I'm looking forward to are as follows: Suzuka and Interlagos, so 2 out of 5 aren’t very promising."

    Q: “Do you expect similar in terms of the grid at
    Monza. Another low wing circuit.”
    MP: "Monza is a track where traction and braking stability are very important, both of which we know are Precision's main strengths. However, with Bruno Marques and David Greco returning to action, I believe they will be capable of challenging for the victory. Personally I'm aiming for a top 8 finish."

    Q: “Being in a very close battle for the constructers championship. GhostSpeed, yourselves and Mak-Corp being separated by less than 100 points, can you get third in the championship?”

    MP: "Karol and I set this goal during the pre-season, but obviously Precision's early dominance (and our struggles) made it very difficult. However, if we can both maximize our performances in the last races, then I believe we have a chance."
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    Jan-Moritz Kammann

    Well done Muhammed :D

    Can you may change the style a bit, so its much better to read it?

    For example mark the questions like this. That would be great mate :D
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    Thanks for typing this up Muhammed.
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