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    Hello I am an audiophile from way back. Studio owner and sound junkie dating back to the seventies. I would like to start a discussion. Audio is a very personal thing, pictures can lie but vibrations don't. In my short time in sim racing I have perceived that racing audio is trying to follow the path of cinema and I don't think that makes sense. 5.1 is for movies, voice coming from picture an so on. Sim racing is immersive and should be thought of accordingly. Small little reflective box tied to 700 hp going 200 miles an hour while wearing a helmet. Where exactly does 5.1 come in? I think it should be immersive not directional. I could spend a year on a 5.1 movie mix and I don't think the developers are doing that so why should we spend good money after bad. I have simvibe and that is heading in the right direction but the routing is extremely clunky and it is difficult to customize but it's a good start. People spend a lot of money on gear, headphones, speakers, soundcards, amps, mixers and microphones. (Microphones are another wilderness when it comes to teamspeak) I am not saying that I have all the answers but I do have an educated opinion and with sim racing evolving into Virtual Reality instead of a game, audio should be discussed and RD is as good a place as any. By the way the sound of the cars is only part of the conversation not center of it. I would like to hear anyone's opinions or questions on anything. Just because it's expensive doesn't make it good so all are welcome.
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