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ATI Crossfailure [crossfire]

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by stbreaker, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. stbreaker


    They said that the patch was going to add support for SLI/Crossfire and multicore GPUs, but benchmarking tests say otherwise:

    Resolution: 1380X768
    All settings at high or ultra

    Radeon 5770 x 1
    Avg FPS: 50.4
    Min FPS: 40

    5770 x 2
    Avg FPS: 36.8
    Min FPS: 28

    C'mon man.... This is even without going into the "flickering water" and lack of track dynamics
  2. Chris Marshall

    Chris Marshall

    Yep same here

    3 x 4890HD
    AV fps 70+

    Now avg fps 40

    Asus rampage extreme 11
    12g cosair dominator
    I7 920 clocked to 4 ghz
    1950 x 1050
    2 x 1024 x 768
    button crash.jpg
    I had at one point take the cards out as it was just running through 1, overheated and crashed !!! fking twice.

    Shame this patch has cocked the game up, but !!, on one screen it runs lovely :eek:
  3. Daniel French

    Daniel French

    Yup same here too.
    This is just annoying me now - why can't i just enjoy the game?

    1x 5970 in eyefinity
    framerates dropped from 120 in menus to 60, and where has the eyefinity gone in the menus?
    in race framerates dropped from 55-60 to 20-25

    2x 5970 in eyefinity
    Game will not load.
  4. Narcil


    I had this with my 4870x2, 1 core active and i was getting more frames (40-45) then both cores active (with AI set at standard) (17-25)

    I then switched CCC AI to advanced and it started working how it should with more fps (about 55-60) using 2 cores rather than 1
  5. Paul Lock

    Paul Lock

    Anyone still having issues with this? I noticed earlier on that my Crossfire was disabled and I was running 1x 4870 1gb.
    Having previously run a benchmark coming in at 60fps not realising it was a single card, I was expecting a nice improvement.

    Ran the test and it came in at 35fps! Those results led me to this thread. I had been holding off updating my ATI drivers for a few reasons, however it seemed like a good time to try the new ones.

    Anyway, running the latest drivers, I am now achieving 79fps (no v-sync) 70fps (with v-sync) in Crossfire, 1680x1050, 8xmsaa with everything else maxed out too.

    I just thought I would mention the latest drivers seem to work well as there doesnt seem to be a mention of a resolution on this thread. :)
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