Assetto Corsa user, looking for a visual car database


Aug 26, 2016
I'm looking for an alternative to Assetto Corsa in the Forza Series or maybe Project Cars 2. I'm sure none of them will substitute or be a real alternative as a 100% simulator, but I want a car game with a set of cars much bigger than the one in AC and with better graphics and better can modelling (exterior, but, more important interior). I'm not interested in the gameplay elements of these games, but I rather want them as car databases where I can explore inside and outside views and be able to see every detail of the cars. Therefore, the most important thing is how exact the cars replicated, no matter if the game is conceived as a simcade or a pure arcade. A good 'showroom' mode ala AC will be very important. As regards game differences I'm a bit lost. I know Project Cars 2 is more sim oriented, Forza Motorsport more like a simcade, while Horizon is an open world arcade. Now, what can else you tell me about these games? What are the latests versions or editions (I will be playing them with PC)? Do they support virtual reality? Are the better graphics just eye candy or are really car modelling and attention to detail more precise and overall better than AC?
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Jan 3, 2020
Forza Motorsport 7 sounds like it's most likely to suit your needs. Over 700 different cars are available.