assetto corsa steering

Hi , I am experiencing major probs with my steering input on AC , setup is : Fanatec CSW 2.5 advanced podium hub and also Fanatec F1 v2 , Heusinkveld sprint pedals, fast pc on win 10,
the problems occurred when i installed content manager, everything went wrong in the steering and pedal input accross most of my games , AMS2 ,RF2, ACC and AC. ACC and AC suffered mostly, I have since uninstalled Content manager , have reinstalled 'Steam' and all of my sim titles. It took ages and i have managed to get all my configurations as i want them (up and running) .
Assetto corsa eludes me , I have tried to reconfigure this sim for steering input using calibration in fanatec wheel app and then also in-game preferences and calibration and although the steering wheel graphic in calibration shows 290 deg and the wheel (graphic) shows correct input there is a huge deadspot in- game on the steering and the cars simply will not turn although full lock is applied.
any sugestions please?
thanks in anticipation