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Assetto corsa competizione server help

Hi could anyone help me regarding my server. I have setup a server and i would like someone to see if it does work. I can only connect via LAN. i have read some messages here and some people have the same issue. Although there friends have connected via the server they have connected via LAN. I would really be gratefull if anyone could test my sever to let me know if the server does indeed work as i have no friends with the game for me to ask. The server name is simseniors (over50s only ) UK. please dont worry i have no password to join at present i would just really like for someone to test this for me. Many thanks. Please contact me if the server does indeed work. You can contact me andrewhawcroft@yahoo.co.uk Many many thanks.
Hello sorry for the late reply. Im sorted now i eventually got it to work. Many thanks however for trying to help me