Arnchu Racing Driver introduction: Christof Schgör

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Introducing Arnchu Racing Driver Christof Schgör


Christof Schgör debuted for Arnchu Racing in the final Formula Sim Racing World Trophy event of the 2013 season in Brazil. He qualified 7th overall but unfortunately crashed out of the race. Christof re-signed for 2014 with Arnchu Racing Pro league, but for all intents and purposes 2014 will be his “rookie” season in FSR. Both he and Arnchu Racing hope that this can be a “break out” year for them. It’s already shaping up to be a promising year, at the first race of the year, Christof achieved pole position. Despite finishing 7th Christof established himself as a force to be reckoned with in FSR Pro.

So who is this supposed “new guy”? We thought we’d ask him a few questions:

-What other racing series of note have you participated in?

CS- Actually no one than f1 but I drove many times other race Series just for Fun looking for how the cars felt a bit Sliding around etc.'

-Are there any racing accomplishments you are most proud of?

There are 2 Race accomplishments for those Ii really care. Normally I don't really care for them I just want to get better and closing always more to the Top Drivers but one of those is my very first Race win on my home track "Monza" On that Race I had the worst Pace of all the Races in that Season (2010) Which was my very first Season driving in a League. And I still won Monza by Driving constantly on the Limit without making any mistakes which let me keep up with them and sooner or later they had some small mistakes and I believe I overtook one exactly like Jenson button tried it with Alonso and that was also a Nicely Moment because Alonso is my favorite driver and then somehow a similar situation happened to me. In the End I won it by a 3 second gap.

---And the Other one is for sure my Pole Yesterday at Bahrain. Even if I already drove a FSR race (last Race Last Season) in my Opinion this was my "real first Race" for my real first Season" here. And since everything was going not right 2Days ago I found a Second just by Practicing yesterday before the Qualy started which brought me the Pole at the same time and in my opinion it was also one of my best Pole laps I’ve ever made because the car was also with Low fuel very hard to drive but somehow I managed it to make only 1 small mistake and i extremely pushed on that Lap It was also nearly a New Lap time Record for myself.

-What age are you and how long have you been sim racing?

CS-I'm 19 years old and started sim racing at 15.

Talk about your preparation for a race, what things do you do to get ready?

-I'm actually 90% focusing on my Set for the Car and try to get the best Balance in it and always test some things out which sometimes work but mostly of the Times not.

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