Are RSR lap times from 1.0.x and 1.1.x still relevant?


Hi guys,

I am quite new to sim racing in general and Assetto Corsa in particular so I obviously don't expect to match the best times after just a few weeks of practice but after spending most of my time on Formula Abarth on Imola with RSRLive pro settings, my best laps are around 1:50-1:51. In online races, I usually manage to be competitive, often 1:51-1:52.
Then I saw lap times on RSR like 1:43 so I figured I was doing something wrong, I started trying setups I had downloaded online, read lots and lots of posts on how to get faster but I still couldn't get bellow 1:50.
So I started watching online videos and realised that these videos were recorded in a completely different game. If I drive the way they do, I ll get my lap invalidated and/or crash. Most of them bite the sand when exiting the chicane (when they don't have all 4 wheels in it) and don't get penalised while I do, they can also go full throttle while cornering with one or 2 wheels on the grass, if I do that, I either spin or waste time recovering.
Then I checked RSR Live, all the best times are with 1.0.x versions...
So what would be a realistic target for a best time in 1.2.5 with the Formula Abarth on Imola with RSRLive Pro difficulty settings?
On a side note, can you actually play online with an older version of the game?




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Hi Samuel,
First of all, Welcome to RD!
There were some tyre changes around 1.0.x to newer 1.0.x versions, so very old 1.0 can be up to 2-3 seconds faster, I am unsure about later changes but there have been updates to cars as well, possibly affecting laptimes.
Regarding the laptimes, all I can recommend is to look at every laptime and see which are 1.2.5 or check for 'newest' laptimes if possible (unsure, not using RSR much)
And no, you can not play online with older versions, you will simply get a mismatch error when done loading and then you get forced back into the main menu.


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No. They are not. 1.2.x changed a lot of things, taking down many setups with it... Some drive faster now, some slower, but on average it´s still not as fast as in 1.0.x, nevermind before that.

A target time? Any time that is better than your previous record.


Hi Ricardo,

Thank you for the warm welcome and for your reply.

It is not possible to sort via version on RSR but I could not find any ultra fast time done with 1.2.x versions, most of them were 1.0.x, I know 1.2 has brought some changes to physics so the best laps might not be relevant anymore. I still saw some guys doing around 1:48 online during short races (so conditions similar to qualifying) so there is still room for improvement, back to the drawing board! (although I cannot be sure which difficulty settings that guy was using)

So if anyone has some recent hotlap video with pro settings, I would be very interested.

I will MP you since I have some questions related to my account and the benefits of Premium.




SakL, thanks for confirming my suspicions. Let's hope RSR does a full reset at some stage or at least sorts by versions, it is more motivating to compete for best hotlaps time in a fair environment. And I do try to beat my own best time, 1:50:002 but I am usually more around 1:50:300 and since I am a beginner, I don't want to develop bad habits which was my main concern here (if really I was 6-9s slower than the others, it would have meant that I was doing something horribly wrong).
The physics are too different to compare lap times, even from one version to the next most of the times. The problem is that kunos updates too often that a leaderboard would get wiped according to that quite often and your hard earned times disappear. On the other hand we do want kunos to perfect his product.


the fastest times are mostly pre-1.0 on rsr don't mean much now - but you can see the date at which good lap times were set.
edit: just saw that someone else said this.


I just did, the best I found was a guy named Boramshoj who seems to be considered quite good and did it in 1:45:2 so that puts me less than 5 seconds away from a real good driver which is less demotivating than 9 seconds. I also notice that his driving style is very clean, far from the ultra aggressive driving styles I could see in previous videos and that I was trying (and failing) to emulate. So I am going in the right direction, I am driving just like him, except that he is fast and good and I am not (yet) ;)
Thanks for helping me confirm this.


On the same subject though not related to the FA I have found the GT3 cars are a lot slower since 1.2x and RSR should reset or implement the filter by version as suggested in a previous post.

I did a few laps in the C7R and easily set the top time within 5 laps @ NurGP but all the GT3's are around 2 seconds off, I would say the GT2/GTE cars are faster in 1.2x and the GT3 are slower, just the way it should be! I am a driver that can typically set top times after a few practice sessions so I think they were comparable laps (though I don't use RSR much).

I have thought about posting on the RSR forum but it doesn't look too active. Has anyone else found the same with the GT cars?
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