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Anti Virus Software

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
Is there somewhere a decent free software solution that scans your pc on errors and also corrects them?

Kris Leeten

Nov 17, 2007
Indeed this is a nice program (AWC) but it doesn't help with hardware errors...I'm curious to know which program Marcel uses for these kind of errors.
A colleague told me this week he used Fresh Diagnose (7.82) It has a nice interface and includes some benchmarks (Freeware) (Don't use the Dutch interface: really bad translations unless you understand: "middelen van de hardware")
Of course software can fix only a very limited part of hardware errors, they don't install a mini pc technician in your pc... too bad though.

Edit: Tried the Freshdiagnostic tool myself now and as the title says, it's just a diagnostic tool. On my pc I had to end it through taskmanager, it didn't respond on normal exit functions

Marcel Hulsbergen

#111 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs
Dec 29, 2006
I use hiren's bootdisk, but i can't give you a link to donwload it. just use google and search for hiren. Latest version is 9.5 i think.
Feb 17, 2008
type into google : Everest Home Edition

its free and it has detailed infos about your sys
everest will even show you web links for firmware or bios updates related to your hardware

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Staff member
Sep 4, 2007
They have had one for a long time. Ive used it on the family laptop for a long time now. Its very good.

If anyone would like a free antivirus which is a little more light weight for their gaming rig Avast! now has a free version too. http://avast.com/


While we're on a 'free security' thread, could anybody recommend a free firewall please. Aol used to give a free McAfee one but I'm not sure if that's still available...At least I can't find it.

Robert McColl

Jan 14, 2009
I have just moved over to Norton Internet Security 2009 which always was notorius for comp resource eating but find this really great and it has a 90 free subsciption which is normally enough for me .....It also has a GAMERS MODE where it is less stringent on your PC and more IP freindly when doing online gaming.

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