Animating Material in Xpacker

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by regnar94, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. regnar94


    I am trying to create a simple animated TV screen board for my track, a two image sequence using either jpgs or dds files. A single texture was applied to the model for the screen area in Sketchup.

    Where I am having trouble is in the Xpacker, I find the settings for the Animation option straight forward, but how to use it quite vague, I have searched the forums, and found only two threads, but they where not specific to my issue. also I have looked at the Default xpack's file structure.

    My file naming img00, img01

    After the object is imported into Xpacker, I am going to the materials tab for my object, after selecting the material used for my screen, replacing the diffuse with dds file and selecting the animation option, adjusting those settings, where do I go from there?

    Does a specific file structure need to be set up in textures tab for the images?.


    This is one of those issue that might be simpler that I am making it out to be.:)
  2. mianiak


    you need as the base texture, then you add and is exactly the same as
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