AmplifiedNL - BRM V16 1.5L Supercharged '52 Soundmod

Sounds AmplifiedNL - BRM V16 1.5L Supercharged '52 Soundmod Rev #1

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Amplified submitted a new resource:

BRM V16 1.5L Supercharged '52 Soundmod - A custom high quality soundmod of possibly the best sounding F1 car ever.

BRM V16 1.5L Supercharged '52 - Revision #1
Made by AmplifiedNL - Jeroen van Iperen

There we go, i finally got around to doing the one F1 car sound i love the most. The glorious brm v16. As of now i have finished the interior sound and also put it as placeholder in the exterior camera untill i have recorded the exterior samples. Exterior sound is fully functional. The sound screams above more than 11k rpm. So eat your heart out and enjoy!

Uses the Kunos Lotus '49 as donor car...

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there is a quality BRM from Bazza's 1967 pack, although the model is a little dated, the physics are really nice


It is a 1967 F1 pack on the F1 classic forums. Not to be confused with the payware scam cars. These have proper physics for each car, although the models are old and the sounds are borrowed from other cars (since the creator doesn't have the ability to create those).