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All these Classic fav tracks

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Stuart Neal, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Stuart Neal

    Stuart Neal

    I cant wait to drive on these classic tracks in the Trial Races. Sandown, Warwick Farm, Goodwood...:eat:
  2. Kris Leeten

    Kris Leeten

    As I'm quite new to GTL I was just wandering around and noticed often the same servers: altbierbude... Curious as a cat I had to check it out, and oh my God what a goldmine did I find! Ali Baba's cave with an autoupdater! Every car (skin) & track around for GTL.

    Deepest respect to these guys!
  3. Andy Marsden

    Andy Marsden

    Sandown won't be used for club events as it is a direct conversation from ToCA Race Driver 3, a Codemasters title - therefore it is an illegal mod (breached copyright). Same goes for any other tracks converted from a codies title.

    @ Kris - Atbierbude is indeed a goldmine for GTL fans! Don't worry too much about skins though as we only use default skins in RD GTL events (too much hassle to get everyone to have them to avoid server mismatches).
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