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Im havin big issues with my AIW file. When ever the track is put on a server for guys to test, with flag rules on full(which we must run) when we flick the server to race, it just gives every car a DQ. Ive tried starting the AIW over many many times but had no luck. Just wondering if anyone else has run into this problem and has a solution or any ideas. An help would be greatly appreciated. PM if you want a link to the track and AIW to test and see if you can get it to work.

Greatly appreciated,

R Soul

Have you added start lights? It might also be necessary to add pit entry and pit exit lights. A perfectly good set of lights comes with BTB so you don't need to figure out how to make them.
Thanks for the relpy, good idea but no adding all three did fix the problem. Beats me, anything else which may mess with the AI. Ill post a few pics of my AIW layout in BTB...

Are there references to the start and end gmt in the scn file?
If yes remove them, they are not needed at all.

Try extending the CP1 plane so that the cars in pit road clip it. Currently the cars pitting miss the plane and will be docked 1 lap when pitting. As it is now I believe everyone will have to make 2 outlaps. X2,XF >Fail! X1, X2,XF >start timer, X1,X2,XF >laptime.

The location of that timing plane might be your issue, I've not seen a track that the pitroad extended into sector 2.
One question: How can I add another finish timing gate? I have done a drag strip of over 9km which works apart from the timing. If the start and end gates aren't needed, I obviously need two finish gates for the A to B track? It's not a track for racing against AI, it's just for testing out the top speeds of new mods.

And as for that pitlane, I know that Sardian Heights by ISI has the problem of the pit entrance being after the start/finish line. As a result, if I got a stopgo or a drivethru that I had to serve within one lap (yes, it has happened to me), I would get disqualified when I went into the pitlane because the pit entrance gate is after the start line. Is there any way I can rectify this?
I'm hoping I can do this with BTB. FCMG, when they built the 2010 Silverstone layout, they mentioned something about using BTB, but it was only an addon to the ISI Northamptonshire circuit.
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