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AI question

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Atanas Penchev, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Atanas Penchev

    Atanas Penchev

    Hey guys,
    Just a simple question.
    In carrier mode is there a big difference in the AI of my opponents from easy to expert mode?
    And if i change in driving assist some options whilst in the track already like ABS and Pit Limiter , does this affect the AI aswell? Because if i go to paddock is set to custom yet.

    Thanks guys:rolleyes:
  2. My993C2


    First off "Expert" mode means you are not only driving against "Legends" AI opponents, it also means that you are driving with all assists turned off. But yes as far as how well the AI perform on the track in races, there is a considerable difference with they race in "Easy" mode versus "Legends" mode. But it also depends on what version of the game you are using. If you are playing a console version, you are forced to play the game the way Code Masters delivered it. But there are some mods you can install on the PC that change how the AI races you on the track.

    No ... the driver assists are for you the human driver and do not effect the AI.
  3. Roger Snead

    Roger Snead

    If I have DAMAGE OFF and rip the nose off an AI car, does he pit for repairs? (career mode) Thanks:)
  4. Gary Corby

    Gary Corby

    Probably not. AI cars have remarkable powers of survival, even with damage on. Usually they just continue, even if you ram them. I've tried brake-testing a few AIs to see what they'd do, and I've yet to catch one out. From time to time you can feel an AI go into the back of you; a few bits of their wing fly past and then they carry on.

    If an AI car is badly damaged in a fight with you it is more likely to turn into a black dot on the map, then disappear from the race.

    Some cars take programmed damage. It's rare, but the game database can be fiddled to increase the odds of that happening. You're more likely to see AI accidents at Yas Marina and Suzuka, for example, than Hockenheim.

    You can send an AI car back to the pits with a puncture. Rob the Mechanic occasionally announces that so-and-so is headed back with a puncture. Sometimes that's a car that went off the road while battling you.