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    Phil Etty

    Hi There,

    I have a query about AI Talent file values and what the min / max values both are, as well as the overall impact each one has:

    My assumptions / existing knowledge are:

    Aggression=max value 100 & dictates how aggressive a driver is
    Reputation=max value 100, no idea what affect this has?
    Courtesy=max value 100 & dictates how couteous a driver is
    Composure=max value 100, how balanced / composed a driver is (I have found lowering this value makes the cars behave more like me - perhaps just the way I drive!!)
    Speed=max value 100, how fast a driver is
    Crash=not sure what max value is, but I guess the higher the value, the more likely the dirver is to crash?
    Recovery=Reiza talent files appear to have this at either 5 or 15, have seen mods with much higher values. What is min / max and what affect does it have?
    CompletedLaps=I guess this has a max of 100 and is a percentage of all laps raced / completed?
    MinRacingSkill=Max 100, and I guess overall racing skill - but what specific types of skill?

    Apologies in advance if this has already been answered and I am been stupid in not been able to locate the answer!


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