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  1. Giovaneveterano


    I write here to share my problem and have some feedback from you :)
    I play MotoGP 13 with a Xbox360 controller in Realistic difficulty.
    There are 2 main problem that I found in this game:

    1) In qualification the AI makes crazy lap times and I have to work hard on setup to end the session in a decent position (often in 5 to 9 place). But in every race it seems to easy! I mean: they goes slower. I can start in the bottom of the grid and in a half lap I'm in the first 5 positions.

    2) Some tracks are easier than the others: in Philip Island, over all, it's impossible to have decent lap times compared to AI (in Moto3 +3.5s slower in Q my 1:38,5 vs 1:35).
    In Mugello I took the pole in 1:44 in a easy way.
    There's too differences in difficulty.

    I mean, this is a great game! I love it, I hope Milestone fix some AI bugs in the next MotoGP14 and they can create a masterpiece :geek: