Adjust Night Lighting Level?


There is too much lighting at night time. The sky looks blue or purple instead of black and areas of the track with no lights are way too light up. I don't even need to use headlights even when there are no trackside lights.

How can I adjust the night lighting level? I played with the night lighting setting in the PLR file but it doesn't do anything. I looked in the track gbd and trk files but I only see things like fog, colour, and trackside light levels.


It seems like the NightAmbientColour NightDirectionalColour in each track's gdb file is the answer. Example:

Magny Cours Club Default
NightAmbientColour = (25,27,40)
NightDirectionalColour = (29,34,54)

Magny Cours Club Edited
NightAmbientColour = (10,10,10)
NightDirectionalColour = (1,1,1)

The lower values make things wayyyyyyyyyyy more realistic. You really do appreciate the trackside lights and your own cars' headlights like this. With the default settings, I could drive at any part of the track, even parts with no trackside lights, without using my headlights.

I also lowered the blue colour (last colour) in relation to the others because as it gets darker, lighting is supposed to get warmer (more red) while lighting is supposed to get colder (more blue) as it gets lighter out. So I might make the night values 12, 10, 8 instead of 10, 10, 10 or something like that.

In order to fix the overly light night-time sky itself, I found that using the HDR Skies v6.0 mod massively helped. It made the skies much more black. The skies included in the HQ Cube Maps v4.0 mod had the same or similar overly light night-time sky as the default game so make sure to use HDR Skies v6.0 if looking for a much more accurate sky colour (black/grey & dark instead of blue & light).
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