Addicted new guy. Please provide feedback on the rig I want to build.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by NoOne3000, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. NoOne3000


    I started running a few races at an iRacing rig at an indoor go kart track and I'm now addicted. Their equipment has an Accuforce v2 wheel, and Club Sport v3 pedals and shifter. I was using their Oculus Rift VR goggles and I think that's the way I want to roll with my new rig.

    What are your thoughts on this rig for a first timer? I want to do it right the first time through. It totals up to about $4100 or more if I go with an 80/20 rig.

    Thanks in advance for the feedback!

    1. GTX-1070 i7 gaming PC with 16GB of memory - $1200 - (Is a GTX-1070 a sufficient card for VR or should I be looking at a 1080 Ti or a 1070 Ti? Or is an i5 or AMD build sufficient?)

    2. Oculus Rift - $400

    3. Accuforce V2 with wheel, button box and paddles - $1200

    4. HE Pedals - ~ $800 (or should I go with Fanatec Club Sport v3 pedals?)

    5. Fanatec Club Sport shifter - $200

    6. DIY wooden rig - $100 **OR** Should I build my own 80/20 rig? I am an accomplished wood worker and these same tools can cut aluminum with the right blade of course.

    7. Generic cloth racing seat from Amazon - $119 (thoughts on this seat? Any real world reviews?)

    8. 2 Dayton Audio BST-1 Tactile Bass Shakers (each allegedly weights 3.75 lbs) - $70

    9. JL Audio car amp to power #8 - Free, already own
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  2. nobby91010


    1080 minimum for vr 1180s out soon my opinion
    clubsports are good I had v2 originally but have heusinkveld now matter of money and enthusiasm,
    shifter ive had the th8a which i reccon is better than the fanatec {i bought 1 new it went back the same day faulty )then got the tss shifter
    now i have the th8a as h shifter heusinkveld sequisential,and the sparco thrustmaster handbrake with OSW.
    diy wooden rig??
    i started with wood which is fine but if you go OSW i do not reccomend wood the osw will eventually get to wood lol.
    seat looks good the seat needs to be comfy v important I think
    using a mg sportster leather seat me sen.
    transducers i use a 50 wattt amp and 2 of these
    works great 1 under pedals 1 in seat so far
  3. NoOne3000


    Is there a large difference between a GTX 1070 and a GTX 1080 when using the Oculus Rift?
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