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Add & Multiply Scale not working

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by markfaz, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. markfaz


    I came across this a while back, but didn't know enough about textures to understand the problem.. I've learnt a bit more since then, and i'm pretty sure somethings broken.

    Most things I've read about Add and Multiply suggest we should scale these textures, and I've noticed the default grass textures use scaled Add and Mults.

    When I try to scale an Add or Multiply texture in the Materials editor, or in X-Packer, nothing happens at all.
    For example, I used a 256x256 Mult on a 512x512 Diffuse, and as expected, the Mult was stretched. No matter what scale settings I used, it stayed stretched out. Same with a 512 Mult on a 512 Diffuse.. setting a scale of 2 over x and y does nothing to the Mult or Add textures.
    I was hoping someone else could check this out and confirm/deny..

    Whilst I am using the beta version, this behavior was present in previous versions also.
    I hope I'm just missing something.. :thinking:
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