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Sascha Reynders

"Fast & slow girl, the best of both worlds"
Just thinking aloud but is there a slight risk of diluting the already quite limited numbers too much across three races a week?

That's a valid concern. Like you, I don't have much time for longer endurance races, especially over the weekends, the weekdays sprint race format suits me better as well. And I guess there are more people out there like us, but there are also a lot of people who spend every spare moment simracing.
And in that context, I think the 50% discount on Premium membership that's on offer (also in the R3E WTCR events announcement) could/should entice more people to join, which could in turn translate to larger grids for various types of races in various sims. Here's to hoping !
Personally, I think it's a brilliant move by @Bram Hengeveld , hats off to you Sir !
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ACC Club Staff
I'll be keeping the sprint races updated and posted as usual.

I'll also add another sprint race each week using the same track as the Enduro so anyone looking to take part in the Saturday race can join us in the week for some extra practice.

Everyone wins - sprinters get more friends and enduro guys get extra track time against real competitors...let's show em how us 30 minute guys do things *pirate noise arrggghhh!*
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