ACC AI settings for casual but realistic racing


Original poster
Oct 7, 2016
Hey guys,
I don't enjoy acc that much for hotlapping, searching for the last tenth, bothering with setups and all settings but I really do enjoy to do a quick race every now and then and just enjoy the experience.
In my opinion it feels great for that already!

What is a bit strange though is that the AI seems to be either too quick or brake unrealistically early, not go on full throttle etc.
Also if you use a lower setting but too high aggression the AI will become magically faster the moment they are close to you, which I find to be pretty disturbing.

So what settings do you guys use? I would like the AI to be decently fast. I'm no alien but also not slow. I hit braking points fairly well and am quickly back on the throttle. I just don't push for the last tenths.
How to you find the so strength to scale? Linear or not really? What do you use? :)

And how do you combine the overall strength with the aggression? I'd like them to fight me and each other but more like a friendly club race, not shove you off with contact in every corner :p

I could just test around on my own but I'd also like a little discussion and your impressions so I open this thread :)