AC RC issue - Wheel rotation changes made in launcher without effect

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by cliopatra, Oct 18, 2014.

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    I deleted the AC folders under "my documents" and restarted the wheel setup wizard (Thrustmaster TX) but when I want to change the wheel rotation in the launcher, the changes remain without effect. Also choosing other rotation degrees and saving them in different control sets are without effect although the lock changes are stored in the *.ini files.

    The *.ini files are saved in the folder
    C:\Users\...\Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\controllers\savedsetups
    and the parameter for the rotation degree is called "Lock=..."

    The only way to succeed is to put the launcher in windowed mode (F11) and to change the rotation degree in the driver's control panel before starting a race session.

    Is this due to a missing original Thrustmaster TX profile beside the existing T500 one?

    Could any TX user please simply tell me if he is also concerned or not. If not, it might be an issue on my local sytem and I could try the T500 profile or reinstall the game.

    Thanx in advance for any hint.
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