AC profile setting or aids setting file or UI location

What is the best place to set the aids options to avoid the auto downshift when you slow way down in a corner and
get a auto shift to 1st which often result in a spin out with cars like the BMW M3? I see the driver profile files racer.ini, gamer.ini and pro.ini that have the default aids settings. But dont see where you select the priofile type of driver or the aids options in the UI. I read someone said just select pro to get all aids off, but where is this selection?

I dont have a hw shifter and have just been use the paddles with cars that dont auto downshift when I want them to. I have not been using the clutch but just allowing auto shift or manual downshift. I have not been doing manual up shifts at this point.

Seems if you keep the throttle on a bit you can avoid the auto downshift but I would like to be off the throttle at times and leave the gear in 2nd.

I guess I could us the hot key CNTL-G each time.

Any advice would be very helpful.
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This ??
I have auto shift enabled, but also have assigned buttons for manual shift. I allow auto change up, but manual change down!
It works for me but I'm using a Logitech Dual Action controller:rolleyes:
Were in AC can you allow only auto shift up?

I also have wheel paddles assigned.
While watching the auto shifting at specific speed acceleration,
I felt auto shift up was a little early and down was never right, like late until it went to 1st which I did not want at all. Sometimes I am late in the upshift manually. Learning to do....
'Were in AC can you allow only auto shift up?'
No Rick, I'm not allowing only auto shift up. I'm merely cutting in manually before auto change down. I just feel it is too late and in the wrong gear for a corner.:)