Abu Dhabi - Division 1 Post Race


Martin Flöck

Was quite happy till Lap 31.
Some great battles :smile:
Had a freeze, but no typical "nvidia freeze".
No freeze since weeks, and now this :mad:
Don`t know if i should waste my time with this freezing "scheisse" :mad:

Grats all finishers and podium !


Per Andersen

Jul 8, 2008
Lucky to be in the points.
Qualified 14th, have not practiced qualify for quite some time, and was off the pace..

I had a good plan for the race, and was targeting to be Up there in top 10.
Started with a very heavy car, 100l fuel to make a short pit stop.
Except for a little spin in the hairpin, i had a nice and steady race, without incidents.
The i went for Pit on at end of lap 19. 50 meters down the pitlane the "nvidia freeze" kicks in, a frozen image for 5 secs, then the screen goes black, and comes back to the game about 10 seconds later, and then the trip down the pitlane continues, and i realize that my short pitstop is going to be the longest i had in quite some time. The luck must be that i didnt crash into anything. I was lying on 9th position until the pistop, after this i was way back at 15th i think.
From here and in I had a incident free race, and ended up in 9th place. All in all an ok result...
Looking forward to next event!


Peter Marshall

Jul 21, 2008
Congrats Chris, Tim and Anthony! Awesome job.:thumbup:

I had a fun run behind Nico with Jim very close behind for many laps. Thank you gentlemen.

Q 22nd /R 10th. Not much else to report; no contacts, spins or any problems. Enjoyed the race thoroughly but I seriously need to find more pace in the coming races. Hopefully some new aero parts will arrive before Bahrain.

Thanks goes out to everyone.:cool:

Chris Jacque

Oct 4, 2008
Chris Jacque

Well, what can I say ?
Mixed bag, very mixed bag of a race!

I had put in a LOT of time in preparing for this race. I tried to run a full practice race each night and was having some serious trouble with rear grip...I decided on a setup on Monday night and decided to take it easy and watch the cutting as its one of my big faults :\ oh and spinning :cool:
The weather made this very interesting as you can/could sacrifice one stint for the benefit of another with the temperature changes. I settled on a middle of the road set-up, swaying slightly towards the 2nd Stint.

So Qualifying,
Putting so much time into race set-up I didn't have any wing ideas so I dropped the fuel from the race set-up, donned some nice new sticky shoes and headed out and managed to get pole with a lap just teetering on no cutting (my replays are available for all if you require). It was hard getting a lap with no traffic and taking it very easy on the out lap so as not too overheat the tyres. However pole is pole so 2 in a row!

Started off with a bit of a slow start but managed to scramble into t1 ahead, then it was a pace session with nerves ( I don't know why i get nervous racing...) to get a gap from 2nd. A bit of luck and a bad sector1 from Tim saw me clear of towing him along the straight and his fight allowed me to escape early in the race. I got the gap to roughly 8 seconds then relaxed and went to sleep, but Tim didn't and he closed it up by a few seconds! I was pushing flat-out in the last half of the stint to maintain the gap.
I pitted and didn't speed, for once... rejoined and magically was in 2nd with Tim a further 10 seconds behind me! 1st pitted and I reclaimed the lead. Very happy! I was pushing pretty hard on the new tyres enjoying some nice lap times until I came across Valter!!!! :redface:
I have watched the replay and hindsight is amazing, but at the time I saw him take a different line to me and thought I could run out to the rumble strip of the chicane and then pass him on the straight. But alas he slowed on my apex point and I was carrying too much speed to avoid PIT manoeuvring him. I am sorry Mr. Ostman :( I really am...
Rest of the race was uneventful trying to keep Tim at bay having a few near spins in the process!

All my cuts land misdemeanor's listed.

All done under the provision 2 wheels on the white line or greater = no cut.

Qualifying Lap


Race Laps

Lap 5
CUT Turn 20 exit ran wide, apexed too early. TS 617.22 Went on to mess up 21 in sympathy, no cut.

Lap 14
CUT NO GAIN out-braked myself into 17, ran wide on exit. TS 1509.55.

Lap 19
Pitted, no 7th gear this time :)

Lap 21
CUT Turn 5 Apex, mounted the kerb. TS 2209.51
CONTACT Turn 8/9 Caught Valter Ostman on the apex point, did not expect him to let off the gas there. Upon replay you can clearly see two different lines through the corner. My fault! Decided to wait a second then carried on as he would be instantly blue flagged, rest of lap slow. Didn't know what else to do.

Lap 25
Debatable CUT, mounted apex on Turn 6, shadow on front left is on the edge of the line. TS 2612.66

Lap 26
Nearly ran into the back of Jim as he lifted! buldging eye moment!

Lap 27
CUT Braked too early cut across apex of Turn 20

Lap 31
CUT NO GAIN out-braked myself into t1, ran off the exit onto grass, was luck not to spin. TS 3199.34



Jim Hawley

PrestoGP Veteran
Jun 21, 2008
I cant sleep :( so i just reviewed my replay, too many cuts! not by much but a cut is a cut whether its 10mm or 1m

I'll put up a list tomorrow


David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 17, 2009
decent qual for me, 8th position, i was happy with that, first few laps were fine, but i touched a kerb in an unfriendly manner and from then on i was rubbish, i hit the wall, lost front wing, pitted and fixed my damage, kept going then on lap 7-8 on got a freeze up, black screen for about 20-30 seconds, when it came back i was mysteriously floating about in another dimension under the grandstand, so that was that, i hope i didnt get in anyones way when i was froze up but there was nowt i could do.

good race to all cyas at the next one :biggrin:

Valter Ostman

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 22, 2008
until I came across Valter!!!! :redface:
I have watched the replay and hindsight is amazing, but at the time I saw him take a different line to me and thought I could run out to the rumble strip of the chicane and then pass him on the straight. But alas he slowed on my apex point and I was carrying too much speed to avoid PIT manoeuvring him. I am sorry Mr. Ostman :( I really am...
I planned to give you free road. I got a blue flag during braking. The contact was very easy, I skidded on the ground that I was under acceleration and had no grip margin. No problem m8.

Andy Paries

Dec 23, 2009
Race report Abu Dhabi.

Qualifying :

managed to take p7 wich isn't to bad (for me).

Race :

Verry disapointing race for me.:frown:

Lost some place at the start because i absolutly wanted to avoid any contact with anyone.

That worked out pretty well, so that was good.

On lap 8 or 9 dissaster striked, Mark Sorensen spinned his car in the chichane after the first long straight

His car stood sideways in the chicane but i still could get past it, if he just waited 1 sec
But he didn't and he drove right in my path, causing my wing to fly off and damaging my suspension.

Had to limp back to the pits, had to wait ages for the repairs, fueled up and did a 30 lap stint (wich wasen't

Ended the race P13, wich isen't very good, but still got some points tho.

Grats to chris, and the podium finishers (and my teammate for grabbing some points :cool:)

Valter Ostman

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 22, 2008
Abu Dhabi 2010

Congratulations podium and everyone!

I had prepared myself meticulously for Abu Dhabi. I have been helped with the setup of some very talented Belgian and Norwegian engineers, it gave a lot of extra performance. But things didn’t quite go my way, so to speak. When I qualified, I could not hang with the lead, but I did not stand last in the grid, that is a great achievement as I see it.

Q 20

R 14 and last to the chequered flag.

First lap went by, basically really smooth, all seemed to avoid hasty manoeuvres. I knew I could not do competitive lap times. My plan was to run steady lap times and try to avoid mistakes. That was the plan…

And now to reality.
I made many small and big mistakes, attempting too much. Now I must try mental training. If I keep my cool, I will not make as many mistakes. Pace, you know what I mean.

Anyway, it was fun to drive this race. thanks everyone for the good fight. And next time I'll (in a calm manner) catch up with you Mr Marshall:wink:

CU on track m8s

Sean Greenlaw

PrestoGP Veteran
Feb 3, 2009
I had a great race i made better race setup this time and helped in race had alot of good close racing (janek springs to mind with a classic double pass),unfortunately i had to leave lap 28 when i was catching 4th would have been a good end to race possibly :cool: cant wait for bahrain just like f1 guys :biggrin:
Mar 12, 2009
Was determined to not repeat my awfull performance last time, so I kept on the safe side in this one.

Q was bad as usual. 16:th. I think I could have shaved off half a second more, but didn't get it together.

Took it really easy in the start and kept my position. Over the course of the first laps I took advantage of other mistakes and my low downforce setup to speed past a couple. Then the race settled and I got into a good rythym.

I had had some problems to keep my medium tyres from going off in the practise, but it worked okay in the first stint and I pitted and got out just after Vincenzo. I hoped I could keep up with him but I was too slow and didn't want to risk it.

The second stint got lonely and I tried to focus on my driving. No major misses but somewhat slow, espesially at the end when my tires were totally gone. Luckily I had no one close behind me and could skid my way to the chequred flag to bag a 7:th place and some points.

Really happy with the result and the fact I didn't suffer a freeze as I did last time. Had the luck on my side this time around.

Thx for some nice racing and see you next time :)

Jim Hawley

PrestoGP Veteran
Jun 21, 2008
I'm pleased I managed to finish the race, therefore I have achieved my first goal for the season, but it was still a bit of a dodgy performance.

Had fun chasing Peter and Nico, spun the car three times (need to work on that)

After looking at my replay I see that I was over the line on too many occasions

here's the list:

Lap 4 (TS 490) out braked myself ran over curb and across the run off, lost a place
Lap 6 (TS 740) ran wide under the hotel, 40m rail grind on the curb, nearly lost control
Lap 15 (TS 1674) spun and continued
Lap 17 (TS 1852) very close to cut (debatable)
Lap 19 (TS 2105) ran wide
Lap 20 (TS 2239) Cut!
Lap 21 (TS 2297) Cut!
Lap 21 (TS 2321) Cut!
Lap 21 (TS 2342) Cut!
Lap 21 (TS 2373) ran wide, had to lift big time to stay away from the wall (lap 21 didn't go well)
Lap 22 (TS ?) ran wide, lost time
Lap 25 (TS 2784) Cut!
Lap 26 (TS 2887) Cut!
Lap 27 (TS 2991) Cut!
Lap 30 (TS 3271) Cut! (close call, debatable)
Lap 31 (TS 3316) spun after mounting the curb, lost a place to Nico and suffered damage
Lap 31 (TS 3412) ran wide (just)
Lap 33 (TS 3621) Cut!
Lap 35 (TS 3778) Cut!

As you can see the list is far too long, absolutely not acceptable:frown:


Mattia Gottardi

Jul 25, 2009
jim don't be scared...you are not alone....i send an e-mail to the race director that is like yours!!! ;)

we will see what the RD will do with that!!! ;P

Anthony Ishak

Dec 26, 2009
What a stressful race…it was like an endurance race for me.. My computer crashed on the race day and lost everything including my setups and I had to format my computer and i stayed up the whole night to install the game and all other programs and was ready at 6 in the morning just half an hour before the practice started…

Q: I was so nervous when the qualy started; with no sleep at all I tried really hard to stay focused and do a clean lap and to my surprise I could manage 1m36.907 to second , it did not last long till my team mate beat me to second with 1m36.905 , well-done Tim :smile:

R: I had a good start and managed to keep my position and stay as close as possible to Tim and mainly to build a gap to Dimitry . Mid of the first stint I start to lose my focus, so chatting with Tim on TS was a reason for me to stay awake :smile:
when I pitted, I noticed that I forgot to change the auto pilot setting before the race and lost couple of seconds there, I rejoined the track 4 s behind Tim, with fresh medium tires the car felt great, Chris was way ahead so the only target for me was to catch up Tim, with couple of laps I was around a second behind him and because I was too tired to keep a perfect overtaking distance to him without taking risks, the gap to him start to increase.

The last few laps of the race I came behind Nico and Jim, they had a nice fight for P 11 and 12, and at that stage I was so exhausted and it was no point for me to come and “disturb” their fight, so I opted to stay behind enjoying their fight and bringing the car home in 3rd.

After all 3rd was a great result for me today and for our Aqua vista team , that was my first podium ever…
Gongrats to Chris for a superb driving, to Tim and to all finishers.

See you soon in Bahrain :cool:

Peter Marshall

Jul 21, 2008
[FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Nice work Jim and Chris. It's fantastic to see self analysis happening.[/FONT]:thumbup:

[FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]I have no cuts or wides to report [sorry :tongue:]. There may have been one close call on the exit of turn 1 but I'm confident I did not “go over” the line. I'll check the server replay file(s) over the weekend sometime and confirm.:biggrin:

Anthony, I feel for you m8. I did the same thing once during Season one prior to Magny-Cours. I can fully imagine how tired you must have felt soon after the sunrise. Well done sir! Though it may well be a sign that we are both quite mad, err..... dedicated drivers.:cool: