ABS/break lockup

im having a horrendous time braking w/ the new gt3 cars; i dont know if this issue is present in the old ones or not yet as i havent checked. anyone else having the same??

in rf2 & gsc, even ACs (where brake pressure cant be set) modded open wheelers or cobra i dont have substantial issues with this. ive tried various break pressures, tried cutting brake sensitivity to 25%, always end up locking up & losing tons of time on the same sections of zandvoort. i cant string together 2 laps for the life of me.

so any advice or commiseration is really welcome.

to devs, when will ABS be implemented in R3E, either as an in-car (when appropriate) or in-game assist (ive noticed i can toggle auto/manual & something else in game) ?? i think a lot of its just due to being tired but have spent 20 of the last 30 minutes banging my head on the desk.

i go to iracing, same car/track, no issues...i do feel like -maybe- one turn on zandvoort is off enough to make me slower, but it could just be in my head. regardless the main issue is I SUCK AT BRAKING SO HARD, can anyone help?

stock g27 pedals, obviously...maybe time to invest in a spring mod, but truth is im hoping to hear this isnt just me.


who cares
Is this just gt3 cars? I find it very difficult to lock up at all in my GT2 cars. Same car in Aessetto is very easy to lock up. Strange.
It's only the GT Masters cars.

Maybe there should be ABS like TC we have now. If you can handle the brakes, there is no advantage with ABS.

Jay Ekkel

Interestingly, @Mark Reynolds or @Marko Hartikainen please correct me if i am wrong, we removed the ABS from the ADAC GT Masters based on the feedback we received from the community as they found it to difficult to lockup a tire.

Right now its a black or white situation, the cars either have ABS enabled or don't. And I believe the guys are looking into making it proper. And providing default based on the real cars, so if the real cars have it, the cars should have it on by default.


I liked the way you can lock up the tyres adds a sense of realism to rre. Please don't dumb this down further. If so add abs options.

I have a dfgt and its feels fine. Sometimes I tend to lock at nurb hairpin but that's all my fault and I love the way I get punished for it.
Do what AC does - if the real car has ABS have the option there to enable/disable via hotkey.

Must admit the ADAC cars i am a lot slower with the same car/track combo than plain GT3's.
Have pressure at 86% (anything lower and the car wont stop at all) and im using about 50% of my pedal - and even then locking up. Trail braking is taking some serious effort.
It is difficult. But if it was easy we'd be shouting Simcade! :roflmao:
Please don't tune it down. atm the brake locking is perfect. i'm using 100% in the setup and no locking at all. locking only happens at very low speed but then u just have to ease off a bit. It takes some time to get used to it. In iracing and AC the gt3 cars have abs so don't compare.
I'm using ClubSport V2s with pressure set to 100% it's its almost impossible for me to lock up. Is there an extra ABS setting I'm missing somewhere or is it car class specific?
Proper brake pedal can be a big help in this area... braking by muscle memory is much more repeatable than positional.
I would like to see ABS added as an "option" - it's good to appeal to a wide audience. More sales, more money for development, better for us sim racing lovers.
hany are you using load cell pedals?

iracing & AC are both much easier even with ABS off, imo, but they have a different option for brake travel for non load-cell pedals. i dont know if theres a way to emulate that in R3E, i assume not & we are meant to adjust break pressure, but in R3E i find turning it down tends to mess me up even more.

after adjusting my technique a bit this morining ive definitely made progress, still find locking the tires is significantly easier (just rechecked each) than rf2, iR, AC, all using developer gt3 cars with ABS turned off.

regardless, have meant to upgrade in some fashion for awhile, but since most of the appealing cars in R3E are not cars with ABS, i def hope the devs will keep this in mind as a possible issue.