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Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Thomas Klutsch, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Thomas Klutsch

    Thomas Klutsch

    Hey guys,

    First of all: I want to thank whoever was responsible for making me a Licened Member! I am happy to be part of this community in the future, and I like to shout out a "Hello" to everyone here on this occasion!

    Now - of course i intend to participate at the Club events at some times, and i did read the rules, but i still have a few questions about it.

    1. Is it common for you guys meeting up on teamspeak or some other voice chat for the race? Or even manditory? Or is ingame text chat okay?

    2. Is there a ping limitation for the participants? Because I'm from Germany, and I got good internet connection, but still I don't know what ping i'll have on servers located in the USA.

    3. Are there events with skill limitations, or recurring events that are kind of known to be for the "noobs"? I'm not that bad at driving, but i just got EVO and I've only driven Nordschleife and some other track I don't even remeber the name :D I can imagine it could be kind of annoying to the pros and a bit frustrating for novices if there are huge skill differences in the races.

    And my last question... is more like a please. I'm afraid i could accidentally violate some rules in my first club race. For instance in one event thread in the club races forum, there was a rule for "2 tyres minimum pit stop", and i don't even know what that means..

    I'm thinking about a little "private" small event with one of you. So that he/she is setting it up and doing the whole event with me - just with like 5 laps race and only a few mins practice/qualy, but with a pit-stop and everything else that is important for a real club event.
    You know I just don't want to cause giant chaos and deadly accidents with lots of fire and tragedy and so on ;)

    I would be very happy if anyone would consent to do such a little practical crash course with me :)

  2. Mike Bell

    Mike Bell
    One-time RDTCC Race Winner

    hi thomas -

    1. several people use teamspeak and i think it may become mandatory shortly however typing in gamechat during the race is frowned apon due to it causing distractions to people

    2. i believe theres no limit but if you are too laggy it will be pointed out to you

    3. not really otherwise i wouldnt be good enough to race against half the people who participate in club events

    4. 2 tyre minimum pit stop means that you have to do a pitstop in the middle of the race sometime [for 18 laps the window would be from about 6 - 12] and change 2 tyres [hit control and go down untill its a tyre you want to change and hit enter - then repeat for the 2nd you want to change and hit enter again when you are on conferm and then at the end of the lap come into the pits and drive to your pitbox]

    unfortunatley im not the greatest driver in the world [probably because i still use a keyboard] to help you with strategy and driving styles but the faster guys tend to help you a lot like posting setups etc etc

    hope this helps and i wish to be racing against you sometime soon in the racing club
  3. Thomas Klutsch

    Thomas Klutsch

    Ok thanks for that info!

    But to point that out again: i'm not really asking for tipps on how to drive or setups etc, just the things i must know for a club event, that is how the whole thing goes down (from the organizational matters to the club-specific rule details like thse 2 tyre pitstop rule and other things like that)
  4. Dariusz Swiderski

    Dariusz Swiderski

    :welcome: to the RD community Thomas.

    The easiest thing for you to do to learn how the whole thing goes is to setup your own Race07 dedicated server ( on your steam app=> view=> tools=> race07 ds ) and just follow step by step, don't change anything you're not sure what is for, make sure you tick -Force pitstop -.
    When your server is up and runing start your game normally and join your server in LAN mode ( this is to prevent ping issues you may have, your server will show up in Internet mode but its ping may be at 5000, preventing you and others from joining, its all about setting your firewall, not important for your test ) and just do the race. On the top right of your screen you will see the window for your pitstop, it will turn green once it opens and red when it closes. You have to pit within that window and change a min. of 2 tires. It is a good custom to have a preset of your planned pitstop, you can find that in Pit Menu Presets=> Create. Once you're on the inlap for your planned pitstop press Pit In Request button ( you can assign any button in OPTIONS => CONTROL SETTINGS ) and after a few seconds you should recive voice conformation '' come in this lap '' from your pit crew. You will also see an arrow in a box at the bottom middle of your screen. If you forget to press this button and do pit, 5-6 sec will be added to the pitstop. And try to disable Autopit ( OPTIONS => REALISM SETTINGS ) as not all addon tracks support this but remember to slow down to pit speed before the line. The pit limiter will engage and disengage automatically. Also manual pitstops are faster.

    Have fun :) :)
  5. Thomas Klutsch

    Thomas Klutsch

    Alright then i will practice the pitstops offline and then learn the rest by doing in club events! thx
  6. Ivo Simons

    Ivo Simons

    Servers are located in The Netherlands. So you wont have a problem there. :)

    Every Licensed member has a right to be on the circuit doesnt matter have fast or slow you are.
    You will see a nice mix of pace on the circuit so you probably will find someone to battle with. :)
  7. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Club events are usually for training more than for finishing first. The more you get into the club events the more there is a chance that you will be able to learn something. All levels of drivers enter the club events, some that are superior at making setups and some that need to get setups from those drivers. Most everyone is willing to share to help others have a great race experience.

    It is usually the race series that get interesting if you are wanting to be challenged trying to make it to the top. These series are put on by several people and have specific rules. Some of them require team speak others do not. There are some series that have more drivers than there are spots on the server so they run several servers to get as many into the racing as they can. Typically this ends up with qualifications placing the faster drivers on server 1 and the slower drivers on server 2 etc.

    The two most important rules to follow are: 1) No wrecking, accidents do happen, but no one likes to be wrecked on purpose. 2) Have fun :)
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