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Abarth 500 @ Aosta Sport - Tuesday March 30th 2010

Mar 10, 2008

Hi there guys,

this round will see the funny and most loved Abarth running in Italy

Simulation: netKar PRO 1.1 beta 3 click http://www.netkar-pro.com/shop.htm to purchase a full license
Class: Abarth 500cc
Track: Aosta Sport

Weather: Dry
Practice: start 19:00 GMT (21:00 CET) for 30 mins
Qualification: start 19:30 GMT (21:30 CET) for 25 mins
Race Start at 20:00 GMT (22:00 CET), 2x20min race, second grid from inverted race result, in case of any issues a second qualy session will be foreseen
Points allocation: such its nature a club race doesn't have it :)

Driving rules & penalties
in addition to RD main rules will be add the next drive trough penalty:
if, for any reason, a driver hit, with a punt or barge, another car forcing it to loose position(s) or throwing it away of the track he has to serve immediately a drive through (DT) without pit stop.
Any trespassers (no DT) will be applied a warning for taht race, after 2 warnings the driver will be exluded to next race.

Notes: Click http://forum.racedepartment.com/rules-passwords/ to read the password and golden rules

Slots available: #15

IMPORTANT: to avoid connection problems please close any program that uses your bandwidth, such as file sharing, internet browser, chat, team speak etc
thanks for your help

As usual to sign-up for this event please reply here
have fun with net kar :wink:

Entry list summary:

1. Alessandro Gamberini
2. Freddie Besems
3. Andrew Jarnell
4. Driver
5. Driver
6. Driver
7. Driver
8. Driver
9. Driver
10. Driver
11. Driver
12. Driver
13. Driver
14. Tobias Kluge (maybe)
15. Bram Hengeveld (maybe)

1. Reserve
2. Reserve
3. Reserve

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
I am not sure yet if ill be home in time from work, really hope so as i am looking forward to some NKP action. Ill let you know later this week.

Freddie Besems

Feb 28, 2009
downloaded yesterday the beta, and have to buy a license.

Looks very good, and the sounds were great. Only also for this one need a lot of practice. :)

Then i like to join this one.
Mar 10, 2008
downloaded yesterday the beta, and have to buy a license.
Looks very good, and the sounds were great. Only also for this one need a lot of practice
welcome here Freddie, to practice the tuesday club events are perfect :tongue:
if interested to race on April 13th give your opinion about track and car in relevant topic :wink:
Aug 2, 2009
hi a

ll please put me down to race got the license. now need to learn the corners . plus my wheel seesm light any tips

Mar 10, 2008
remember guys this are test night, let me say a road to a league, so don't be afraid if you are not perfect on track
we have to understand what's your preferred car and the best way to do is test them :redface:
on track we only need fun and fair :thumbup:

Freddie Besems

Feb 28, 2009

thx for setting this up.

1st race for me. So now i know what i have to adjust. Have to look how a can setup my G25 in combination with a BU386x.

1st race couldnt start my engine. And pushed the Esc button and went for the pit. pushed on al kind of buttons but no success. Then i went for the box and then engine started. So i had a couple of laps.

2nd race we had a restart and then same occured. You guys waited for me to let me reinstall my steering device and that helped already.

Only when started i had it in automatic gear so i went for the pit again to find out how to go to manual gears. Then rejoined the race.

So now im goiing to practice Spa and have some online practice and hopefully some races to test and set up my device.

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