Tracks A Track Request Like No Other

UnDead TRex x

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Jul 14, 2017
So, here's me, browsing the general internet when I stumble across a recommended video talking about fantastic Formula 1 Technologies. Didn't particularly want to watch it because I probably knew the stuff they were discussing already (being an avid F1 fan... at least before the rules got a bit, let's say, tricky). However, as YouTube previewed said video in the thumbnail, there he appeared, Tilke. As an F1 fan, my blood then began to boil in the typical fashion, with flashbacks of circuits like Buddh International and Sochi Autodrom. But then, I had an epiphany, what if instead of lamenting on his, and by extension, his program's work, I decided to meld together a sort of best bits. But not one like the fantasy tracks people usually put together filled with Eau Rouge and 130 R, one that would work, one that could feasibly be on the calendar next year. So, story time over here is a Tilke best bits track and by extension some of what he's done right over the years. It'd be wonderful if some great mod artist on here could bring life into my shoddy picture through Assetto Corsa, adding as much of the real camber and hills as possible but also adding creative licence, correct run-offs and a paddock area for instance. As you may guess from the picture this is not my expertise so I'd love for someone to take the torch and light the way in these dark times that as of me writing this is winter testing. First section, Red Bull Ring, then Sakhir, then COTA, then a couple of parts from Yas Marina, a hairpin from Korea I think (problem was I needed an overtaking opportunity but no corner I found connected) and finally Sepang. I hope you can recognise all the corners I've used. Good luck to any who volunteer.


May 2, 2014
I think it'll depend on how much you're willing to pay whoever will make it.