A question about Dating and Relationships

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    I remember when I was in secondary school, I was considered the nerdy kid. I asked this gorgeous cheerleader on a coffee date and she told me to send her a message on Facebook.

    I did that, and she didn't reply.

    Living in a small town, people were scared of me because of my race, religious background, and intelligence level.

    Was it her fault for not communicating with me?

    Also, I hope that if I ever go to this Japanese restaurant in Dothan, I get served again by this beautiful Chinese waitress.

    I wish I knew her or thought of some way of establishing communication with her.
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    Hiroshi Awazu
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    Mohammed Abidi,

    "Was it her fault for not communicating with me?"
    Definitely her loss.

    Any girl that responds to you by saying " Leave me a message on FaceBook" rather than just simply giving you an answer face to face ain't worth your time. Forget about em bimbos;)
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