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A little help needed :)

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by SimJim, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. SimJim


    Hey everyone,

    Just picked myself up a G29 and after getting frustrated with PCars on the PS4 (I can't race with the F-A AI - it's just plain stupid), I have reinstalled F1 2015.

    I have created my own 'season' with a selection of my favourite tracks so I can have a pre-season test (f1 2016 coming soon....) and get a bit of training in with the wheel.

    Besides the G29 being difficult to setup with the game on the PC :)poop:), I am also having issues sorting out my lap times. At the moment I only have the AI set to 'Hard'. I would massively prefer to bump this up to legend when I can get my own driving sorted out.....this leads to my issue and some advice I am seeking.

    After following the set up guide in the Malaysia found on the forum here (which after a few personal tweaks I am quite happy with) I am very much struggling to match lap times of the AI.

    P1 was very wet in Sepang. The AI (Manor I am talking) set a wet lap time of around 1:55 (sorry away from the PC right now, can't quite remember, but a second or two either side). Remember, this is the Manor. I'm in the Merc. Can't get my lap times anywhere below 2:00 - and I'm a few seconds above this.

    Main problem is I can't get any power down properly with the G29 pedals until 1. I am obviously straight out of a corner (no major issue with that) and 2. until I have short shifted up to 4/5/6 gears, corner dependent.

    Does anyone have any major tips for driving that can help me out. I wouldn't even care for matching Rosberg or even 10th and up. To be WELL off the pace of Manor in a Merc is clearly a sign of my lack of ability. I have no problem with practice, practice, practice, but at the moment I am just way too slow.

    Just to add - and this is critical for my enjoyment - I have no assists turned on and would like to keep it that way :) Please, no advice to turn TC on!

    Any and all advice appreciated.