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A Guide To Our Leagues On RaceDepartment

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Graham Laing

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Oct 8, 2010
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Welcome to The Leagues Forum for F1 2014

So you are dedicated enough to try our selection of leagues? Brought to you by the RaceDepartment Community, we have a wide selection of leagues across the different platforms.

Why should I join a league?
Joining a league is a big step forward in becoming a dedicated sim racer. It also means that you'll not only compete in a full season (or at least most races) but also that you'll race with the same people over and over again.​

What's the benefit of joining a league?
Naturally, this can and will lead to both friendships and difficult relationships being formed. Nonetheless, each and every league is about clean and fair racing. There's no place for ramming and other shenannigans and we're also, and that's important, taking in-game offences into account when it comes to possible suspensions or bans on the forums.​

How can I be sure that I won't get lapped all the time?
Pretty simple, actually: RD.com series use different brackets for each platform. Please check with the league admins if you're fit for the league you'd like to join.​

Which platforms does RD.com support & what do I need to participate?
PS3, 360, PC. You'll need a legitimate copy of the game and the ability to play online through Steam. Say, a 384kbit DSL connection might not be that great and might cause lag to both you and racing incidents to other drivers because your car is "lagging around the track". A license might be required (depending on the league) and can be requested over here for free. All leagues requiring a license also require drivers to use their real names on the forums.​

Why doesn't RaceDepartment have it's own league?
Our Community provide a wider selection. All with different rule sets. We provide a different selection to suit you, the driver, your availability and your choice.​

So how do I know which league is for me?
We offer many choices of leagues, each league will have it's own sub forum. You can view their rule sets for each league.​

How can I get the most from my League on RaceDepartment?
You can watch the thread of your choice (your leagues) at any point once you are logged in to RaceDepartment,

Here's how:

To watch a thread - At the top right of every thread, there is a n option to watch that thread.


To watch a whole forum, at the top of every forum there is a similar 'watch' option as the the thread watch.

With both the thread watch and forum watch, you can choose how to be informed about new posts or new threads. By an alert when you log into RD, or by email.


How do I create my own League on RaceDepartment?
If you are committed and prepared to dedicate some time to your own league (It takes up alot of time, but is rewarding once up and running) We offer you the chance to broadcast your League on RaceDepartment.

Please Click here.​

Joining a League

So to join a league, first choose the league you want to join. Then look for the relevant 'Sign Up' or 'Join' Post's, which would be located in each league under RaceDepartment's F1 2014 League Forum.


Treat yourself to Premium Membership, it's excellent value for money


If you need any help please feel free to ask away!
If you see a post which is offensive or bullying, please hit the 'Report' button at the bottom of any post.


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