A few mod ideas for My Summer Car.


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Oct 13, 2018
Hello to all. I have no coding experience and lack the patience to learn coding. Having said that, the purpose of this post is not to 'order mods' or anything like that. It is just to give a few ideas to actual modders that I think might be useful.

1) Floodlight for the driveway.
The light above the garage is insufficient for building at night. A bright floodlight attached to a pole on the side of the house to illuminate the driveway would be awesome. I know I can push the body into the garage, but I prefer to wait until the chassis and wheels are installed first.

2) Mailbox closer to the house.
It would be great if there was a mailbox for posting letters at the same location where the player gets the mail. Driving into town to mail a letter is a pain in the ass.

3) Stand for the moped.
Minor, I know, but it would be great to put the front wheel of the moped into a rack like a bike rack that would prevent it from making noises while it bounces around.

4) Rubbish drum that actually works.
It would be nice to discard items into the rubbish drum and have them disappear from the gameworld on a reload, or even instantly if possible. Alternatively making the drum fire consume the items that are actually combustible (paper and plastics) would be good.

5) Ball peen hammer for taking care of minor body damage myself.
The sledgehammer is destructive only, but a set of bodywork tools would be really something. Perhaps bondo and sheet metal squares available at the shop would be possible. This is likely a very complex and possibly impossible for a mod to achieve, so perhaps it should be a suggestion to the developer instead. But I put it here for what it's worth.