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2020 Porsche 911 RSR Gets a facelift and side exhausts

Well it seems Porsche is still pushing ahead with it's GTLM/GTE program with the soon the come RSR update with new Aero and styling from the newer model 991.2 and perhaps something from the 992.
The new rear I think will strengthen and protect the rear diffuser abit more than the current spec as in IMSA and more specifically at Long Beach on multiple occasions has shown, firm rear contact can have huge implications on the some what fragile rear end.

The V2 exhaust like most I am inlove with and will miss but the V3 exhaust still has a nice tone to it and would still be quite up there with noise db's but just won't carry as well with pitch.

Have a listen and look.

Sounds like the v1 which everyone's forgotten about. Bit flat after the straight-pipe one but at least you'll be able to hear other cars, or people shouting in your ears, or low-flying supersonic aircraft.