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2013 Round 13 Recap: Marina Bay, Singapore

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Christian Smirnoff, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Christian Smirnoff

    Christian Smirnoff

    David Dominguez, from Spain, has won the tenth round of the 2013 FSR Fantasy League with 103 points! Congratulations! Teams are now open. You may now check your team's results and perform driver swaps and up to 2 driver transfers in your My Team page. You can also check your performance in your Mini-Leagues.

    Surprize! For the final two rounds, everyone now has a new budget of 10.500$! Use the extra 500$ wisely to defend your position or catch up!

    Round Results & Standings
    Race Points
    Mini-League Results

    Round Results & Standings

    David Dominguez, one of the candidates to win the 2013 FSR Fantasy League, took his second round victory in the Singapore round. With his Haxballers team, composed by Bono Huis, Jeffrey Rietveld, Jernej Simoncic and Zoltan Csuti, the Spaniard scored 103 points. Switzerland's Franz Schnyder was 2nd on 96 points. Also with 96 points but with more expensive teams, Fred Gosling (Great Britain) and Mikko Puumalainen (Finland) shared 3rd place. Pedro Rodrigues also scored 96 points but was 5th due to scoring less Team A points. Four managers with identical scores in the top-5, what a close round!

    Mikko Puumalainen remains the leader of the standings on 811 points. Franz Schnyder continues 2nd on 794 points, with David Dominguez closing the gap and moving up to 3rd on 792 points, thanks to his round win. 2012 FSR Fantasy League champion Ondrej Kuncman placed only 17th this round and dropped to 4th on the standings with 761 points. In a thrilling battle for the Thrustmaster Y-250C Gaming Headset, the top-3 are separated by just 19 points with two rounds remaining!

    David Dominguez earns a second chance to win the other Thrustmaster Y-250C Gaming Headset that will be drawn among all round winners at the end of the season. The other contenders are Ondrej Kuncman (x2), Franz Schnyder, Javier Álvarez, Wim van Velden, Benjamin Chong, Sam Jones, Victor Pau Bellver Lopez and Fred Gosling.

    Driver Results & Costs

    Taking his seventh consecutive victory to seal a record-braking fourth FSR World Championship title, Bono Huis was, unsurprisingly, the round's top scorer, with 37 Fantasy points. Poleman and 2nd-place finisher Jeffrey Rietveld was right behind with 35 points, while the last podium finisher, Ivar Kalamees, scored 26 Fantasy points to become the round's 3rd scorer.

    Bono Huis (352 points), Ivar Kalamees (248 points) and Jernej Simoncic (166 points) remain the top-3 overall scorers in the 2013 FSR Fantasy League.

    Drivers' market costs were updated. Danny van der Niet (+700$), Adrian Rodriguez (+600$) and Jeffrey Rietveld (+500$) were the drivers who climbed the costs ladder the most. Remember that the drivers that you already have on your team will continue to cost you what they did when you included them on your lineup.

    Official Mini-Leagues
    • Drivers Challenge: Franz Schnyder took his fourth Mini-League victory, second in a row, with 96 points. He remains the Mini-League's leader on 794 points. Giuseppe Marconi was 2nd (82 points) with Ivar Kalamees 3rd (81 points).
    • Team Managers Challenge: Overall round winner David Dominguez (Twister-Racing, 103 points) has taken his fourth Mini-League victory and with 792 points, has stolen the lead from Ondrej Kuncman. Pedro Rodrigues (GhostSpeed Racing Team, 96 points) was 2nd, with Javier Alvarez (Positive SimRacing, 78 points) in 3rd place.

    • Administrators Challenge: Fourth Mini-League round win for David Dominguez (103 points), ahead of Mikko Puumalainen (96 points) and Pedro Rodrigues (96 points). Overall leader Puumalainen remains at the top of the Mini-League's standings (811 points).

    Share your Performances!

    If you are proud of your result on the tenth round of the 2013 FSR Fantasy League, remember you can share your achievements with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers by pressing the Facebook/Twitter icons in your My Team page!

    Feel free to discuss your performance in the round in this thread. Do you think you have picked the right drivers for your team? Any regrets on your lineup? Are you happy with the transfers/swaps you made for this round? Do you already have your next team changes planned? Did your drivers perform as expected at Marina Bay? Let us know!

    Next Round

    The eleventh and penultimate round of the 2013 FSR Fantasy League will be the Abu Dhabi GP on October 27th. Remember to perform the driver transfers and swaps you need to become the next round winner! Only 2 rounds remaining! Who will become the 2013 FSR Fantasy League champion?
  2. Ron Squire

    Ron Squire

    Well a Good Belated Birthday Present for David there
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