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2012 Turismo Carretera

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Simon Melhuish, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Simon Melhuish

    Simon Melhuish



    The Argentinean TC 2000 Championship has unveiled the entry list for this year's Super TC 2000 class one week ahead of the season opener at Cordoba, with the launch of the new era with cars powered by Radical V8 engines.

    The series will run cars in two classes this year, with Super TC 2000 the primary class featuring cars running with the Radical engine, and TC 2000 targeted towards lower budget teams which will run with the Berta-built Ford 2.2 engine which has been used since 2009.

    The manufacturer entries of Ford and Fiat have withdrawn, leaving Pro Racing and the PSG16 Team as independent entries fielding cars for Fabían Yannantuoni, Cacá Bueno and José María López.

    The team which ran Honda in previous seasons now runs the four-car Renault LoJack Team, whilst Sportteam, which ran the two non-works Renault cars last year now runs the Honda Petrobras team.

    Renault will field Leonel Pernía, Guillermo Ortelli, Mariano Altuna and Emiliano Spataro, whilst Honda will run just two cars for Ricardo Risatti and Gabriel Ponce de León.

    Toyota Team Argentina are the only team to field a completely unchanged line-up this year, with champion Matías Rossi returning alongside Mariano Werner, Ignacio Char and Bernard Llaver.

    Peugeot Cobra Team will run Facundo Ardusso and Matias Muños Marchesi as well as former Honda driver Néstor Girolami.

    Chevrolet, now with title sponsorship from YPF which previously backed the Ford team, will run just Cruzes again for Agustín Canapino and Christian Ledesma, whilst Daniel Belli will run an independent Cruze for Lanus Motorsport.

    No. - Driver - Team - Car
    1 - Matías Rossi - Toyota Team Argentina - Toyota Corolla
    2 - Mariano Werner - Toyota Team Argentina - Toyota Corolla
    3 - Leonel Pernía - Renault LoJack Team - Renault Fluence
    4 - Guillermo Ortelli - Renault LoJack Team - Renault Fluence
    5 - Agustín Canapino - Chevrolet YPF - Chevrolet Cruze
    6 - Christian Ledesma - Chevrolet YPF - Chevrolet Cruze
    7 - José María López - Pro Racing - Fiat Línea
    8 - TBC - Pro Racing - Fiat Línea
    9 - Fabián Yannantuoni - PSG16 Team - Ford Focus
    10 - Cacá Bueno - PSG16 Team - Ford Focus
    11 - Mariano Altuna - Renault LoJack Team - Renault Fluence
    12 - Emiliano Spataro - Renault LoJack Team - Renault Fluence
    14 - Ricardo Risatti - Honda Petrobrás - Honda Civic
    15 - Gabriele Ponce De León - Honda Petrobrás - Honda Civic
    16 - Néstor Girolami - Peugeot Cobra Team - Peugeot 408
    17 - Facundo Ardusso - Peugeot Cobra Team - Peugeot 408
    18 - Bernardo Llaver - Toyota Team Argentina - Toyota Corolla
    19 - Ignacio Char - Toyota Team Argentina - Toyota Corolla
    20 - Matias Muños Marchesi - Peugeot Cobra Team - Peugeot 408
    22 - Daniel Belli - Lanus Motorsport - Chevrolet Cruze
    24 - Leandro Carducci - DP1-Team - Ford Focus
    26 - Rubén Salerno - JM Motorsports - Volkswagen Vento

    Source: TouringCarTimes
  2. Kol Bailey

    Kol Bailey

    What series?
  3. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    Founder Staff Premium

    Turismo Carretera, an awesome touring car championship from Argentina. More info here but you will need to understand un poco de español :D
  4. Kol Bailey

    Kol Bailey

    I can speak spanish! And Iv'e heard of it :D