1995 #40 Team Taisan Ferrari F40

Skins 1995 #40 Team Taisan Ferrari F40 2019-02-18

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May 12, 2018
RyokoMaruyama submitted a new resource:

1995 #40 Team Taisan Ferrari F40 - Team Taisan's entry in JGTC 1995.

This is a retro JGTC livery based on the #40 Ferrari F40! Although the real car is closer to a road going F40, it just has to be on the F40 LM racing with the other F40 LMs!

That being said, there are a few liberties taken, the car is based off the current state of the car, it recently went on auction after Team Taisan retired from racing. Adapting the F40 road body to the F40 LM body was a bit tricky but worth it! I'm hoping to put out more JGTC or Super GT liveries out soon! :D...
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