1970 Pontiac Firebird


Hi! This is my first release for Racer, a 1970 Pontiac Firebird.

This car is a conversion, and uses bits from AMGFan's 72 Camaro. But I got permission for everything!

In my opinion the car is perfect, just missing some proper dials, that will be included soon as I find a proper 1970 Firebird dials image! ;)

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! ;)



EDIT: In v087 (the version that I use) the car doesn't generate QLOG errors! ;)


Congrats! This is a most amazing car. Can hardly wait to test the released version! Feedback later :)

Ian Strom

Well yea, they are round. Just kinda deformed is all. The very centre of the rim is fine but the rest of the rim and tire is wonky.

The previous owner must have gone over too many jumps/bumps/drops. :p


Thanks Mr. Jingles!

I've already seen those pics! I was just tryong to find a good resolution one to not having to make the dials by scratch! But I think that it's what it needs to be done! So, proper dials soon! :D

Cheers! ;)
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