[100K] Classic Touring Cars @ Crystal Palace - Thursday 16th October 2008

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Marc Good

XP: Start -> Run... -> Enter 'cmd' -> Enter 'ipconfig'
Vista: Start -> Enter 'cmd' in the searchfield -> 'ipconfig'

so so so so sorry guys
normally we do set it up at the beginning of the week,
but with real live getting in the way/a priority, we have missed this
again so so so sorry guys.
we will try not to make this happen again (if it happens again....ban me :))

Warren Dawes

Huge apologies guys for the missing server.
It looks like we stuffed up, and between us all we missed this one. I was tied up with another event today, so I wasn't available to join, and due to getting my new PC going, I missed following up the server.

Very very sorry.

Marc Good

It's ok, we got a nice drifting event running ;) after trying a race at Crystal Palace.

Too bad it did not work out there, but thanks to Sam and Ben for the effort!
Sorry for disappearing last night, by the end I was getting tired and grumpy and starting to fell unwell, I'll sort the MP section in my .plr file today so it minimises any chance of what happened at CP happening again if I do host.

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