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1.5h DT5 Serie @ São Paulo - Friday 20th February 2015

Matej Lakota

Sriple Tix
Sorry, I tried to drive some clean laps now in practice, but my lungs started to clean themselves and I simply cough too much to enjoy 90 minutes race. Maybe I look like a tender princess to somebody, but this year˙s flu cuts me all the way :).
As always a great race and a lot of fun. ;)

I went with two pitstops and it seemed i could pull it off in a better position than i started. It didn't last and some mistakes and a little glitch when i was battling with Jason cost me some time. In the end i tried to catch him again but with Yuri right behind i had a new priority.:p

Thanks to all. :thumbsup:
That was great fun, thank god I did this combination already once not long ago, so I had some preperation already :D. I needed everything to go smoothly to have a chance with Christian on the track.
Worked out in the end for me to stay in front, it was a nice concentration routine for sure as the gap was quite close always and mistakes would have sucked a lot ;)

Shame for the disco for Andreas as that was one potential battle less along the line.

Thanks for racing; see you guys
Even if didn't managed to get to Dino, this was one of the best Clubraces i were in so far, drove like 40 Qualifying Laps in a row from the Mid to the End of the Race without any mistake, pushing it every centimeter and brake on the limit every Lap :D Next DT5 Event i will take the Audi too Dino ! :sneaky::D

Put this Cars into a Monza Clubrace Event and it would be very close and intense Racing ! ;)
i'm sorry Stefan Woudenberg, wasn't prepared for the race at all, shouldn't have participated really :(, hope you guys have a nice race in the process.

No worries mate. These things happen. I only lost some time there. No damage. :)
Just make sure when you drop in during qualy, don't send out text messages.
You should come on TS as it's really fun and you will have good laughs. :) Yes, you can talk on TS as much as you like, it doesn't matter which session you are in. :thumbsup:

Well, my race. In the first corner I had to avoid Yuri as he had some spinning going on. I had to drive around him over the grass and missed the contact to the back of the field. After the 3rd corner I had major lag and when the lag spike was gone it was like Yuri drove right thru me. Really strange moment. I pushed my car like hell and gained time to Jason, but as from the race start my SLI-PRO display was black, so I didn't know any details about my fuel. I had a 2 pit strategy which was not the way to go. In the beginning of my second stint I was able to push like before my pitstop. Than I had a major shunt which gave me huge flatspots. From that moment on I was dropping back fast and could not get my laptimes under the 1:28 or even 1:29's.
After my second pitstop same story. major flatspots and slow laptimes, tons of blue flags and just drove cruising to the finish as dead last.

Had great fun on TS and also loved the track. The cars loads of grip and downforce, but still hard to go really fast with those. Thanx guys and cya all next week on the Green Hell...hopefully not as last to finish. :D
Good fun. Not much wheel to wheel action but I pushed like hell in the last 30 mins. I knew joao and Yuri prob had the edge in pace so just made sure I managed the gap enough so they weren't right on top of me by the final lap. Was a really tough race.

I don't know what happened Joao...one min u were behind and then all of a sudden u were in front. I don't think we had contact but saw you have a little spin.
I don't know what happened Joao...one min u were behind and then all of a sudden u were in front. I don't think we had contact but saw you have a little spin.

It was strange but we didn't touch. I just got surprised and completly messed up the braking which caused me to spin.
Hi racers.
It was so sad I had this disconnect during the first stint :(. Up to this there were a few great battles with Christian and Dino.
I was very happy to be able to use the rejoin function but lost about two laps. Very nice feature for such a long race. The speed was very up to the limit by all drivers so it was nearly impossible to close the gap and the desired rain stayed away.
It was a great race though. Very nice car and track (and simulation :thumbsup:).

Thx all. See you on track.

PS: The speed by Christian and Dino was incredible till the end. Nice permormance :thumbsup:

Tero Dahlberg

A bit surprised and disappointed that I didn't find myself enjoying these cars as much as before.

That said, qualy was okay and the first 25 mins or so were a ton of fun :) Mainly me lurking in P4 with more wing than the drivers ahead so couldn't do anythign except hang on to them! Which was easy as they were fighting :D Then had a chance to move up and did so until I stupidly pushed the brake marker and spun.

After that it was the most boring hour of racing in my life. Though maybe not as boring as it msut've been for Andreas following me :D You shold've been more clear and aggressive about getting past. You were much faster and not even on the same lap

For me there seems to be a really bad snap-oversteer tendency (and after that happens quite tough to catch the rear) with these cars. Both under braking and on the throttle. I think it's largely due to my driving and to some extent the setup. But part of it is just the tyres I think.

Have to try Christian's setup ;)
I didn't want to pass you because the gap to the next driver was too big. You were very fast and I was afraid to get blue flags after passing. So I decided to stay behind. That was also much more fun than driving alone :cool:

Tero Dahlberg

I appreciate that, Andreas :) For a while I was unsure about my 3rd position and so I was trying to keep a consistent pace that also helped with concentration! :D In that situation I guess you could've struggled a bit to pull a gap if ahead of me. You were clearly faster imo

But the last 30 mins or so when I was quite sure of P3 if I just don't make mistakes I also struggled to focus and just found it a bit annoying that you were just cruising behind me :p