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Dmitry Sorokin

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Keyboard Physics Mod - Keyboard Mod

This mod for those who play with the keyboard.
This mod I made for myself, but it's possible that you like it.
What changed compared to the original:
1) Enhanced grip truck.
2) Increased the percentage of damage to cars.
3) Increased aid in the braking for all tracks.
4) The slowdown AI at all levels of complexity (including classics).
5) Realistic leds on the steering wheel.
6) Real tire...

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Bad luck For AI ???
the AI does not end the race
o.O in race i won because the AI does not end the race
So this is bad. :)


Why do you all of a sudden change all the content from English to Russian?

Please re-post the English version as we are an english speaking forum.
I am too too good at greek either , but first thoughts was not russian but looks close :D

What has changed compared to the original:
1) the aggressive AI
2) increase the share of damaged cars.
3) great assistance when braking on all tracks.
4) errors and bad luck AI.
5) actual tire wear and pitstops.
6) Bus: realistic "blur", "real depreciation.
7) increase the likelihood that the security engine.
8) increase sounds of the engines of passenger cars (including classic).
9) 12 memories (leave the default settings)
10) piece handle - 5%
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------
1.5 version can be installed on previous versions.
All files from the "realism Mini Mod" put in a folder with the game.
Agree with replacing all files.
After installing the mod, you have to start the game again!
Will not be able to play online!
Your career will not be ruined.
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